Ninja Turtle Luggage Review


If you saw my previous post, you’ll know I have a huge Ninja Turtles fan in my home. So today I’m reviewing the Ninja Turtle Light Up Suitcase, available at Target, for you all! This was one of my son’s third birthday presents and he adores it. Not only is it perfect for travel, it makes for a great toy chest when you’re not traveling!

This suitcase has flashing LED lights, in line wheels, and an internal metal handle. It has two zippered pockets on the front as well as a mesh pocket on the inside, and measures 18 x 11.5 x 7.75 inches, so it’s prefect of your preschooler. Let’s take a closer look!



If you look close you can see that the suitcase is currently lighting up. Anytime you walk past it or it senses any movement nearby, it lights up, so when my son first got the case, he would walk back and forth in front of it over and over because he thought the lights were the coolest thing ever! 🙂 I recommend storing this in a closet and not out in your child’s bedroom or else the lights might be going off all day and night.

As far as storage goes, the front of the suitcase has two pockets that both zip open which are great for storing smaller items.The inside of the suitcase has a mesh pocket that you can use to store things like your child’s toiletries on a trip, or just pencils and toys at home.


This suitcase has the small handle on top or the long handle you can pop up for wheeling it around. Both are easy to use for little hands!



Here’s an idea of how much the inside of the suitcase can hold. Like I said, when we aren’t traveling, my son uses this as a toy box. He sometimes likes to pretend he is going on a trip by filling it with all of his favorite toys and then wheeling it all around our house. As you can see, there’s plenty of room in here!


Here’s my cute little assistant showing off his amazing suitcase. For reference, my son is a very small three year old and he has no problem with the handles or wheeling it around. We are planning a trip to Disneyworld in a few months and he can’t stop talking about all the things he wants to pack in his Ninja Turtle suitcase!

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