Not So Funny Chuckle Buddies Monkey

chucklebuddy Not So Funny Chuckle Buddies MonkeyThere’s no doubt about it, The Bee loves toys that move on their own, so I’m
always on the hunt for anything motion activated. I saw something like the
toy in this review at a Hallmark and thought it was quite cute, but they
didn’t have a monkey (“his” animal) displayed so I held off on purchasing
one. Much to my delight, I came home one day and a present from Nana and
Papa arrived and there it was! My rolly-polly toy for The Bee; a Chuckle
Buddies Monkey
, to be exact!

My husband warned me, “It’s not what you expected…”

Let’s take a quick look at my expectations, shall we?

Ann’s Expectations for The Bee’s Chuckle Buddies Monkey

– Cute (check, but arguable)

– Monkey (check)

– Motion activated (check)

– Rolls around everywhere (check)

– Entertains The Bee (checky-check-check)

– Pleasing laugh to accompany the rolly-polly fun it brings (uh…we’ll get
to this in a second…)

Simple enough right?


First off, the motion sensor is in the middle of the monkey’s forehead. It’s
not disguised, which makes it look like it has a bullet hole in the middle
of its forehead. But, it’s a sensor and that’s what makes it work, right?
The monkey rolls around using a mechanism on its tail and it goes back and
forth for a good 30 seconds or so. It’s pretty soft, but a little heavy,
thanks to the large battery box that takes up most of the body of the

Now the dealbreaker of this toy is its laugh. Oh. My. Goodness. I thought
the Tickle-Me-Elmo laugh was annoying but this one is down right scary. It’s
quite maniacal. Unfortunately, there’s no way to turn off the laugh while
it’s on. And when it’s on, it scares you. The Bee didn’t mind it, but I’m
sure it’s due to the fact that he’s 1. And when you’re 1, everything’s
interesting! Either that or he’s cultivating his fearlessness early.

The final straw was we forgot to turn it off one night and while all of us
were watching TV, it randomly decided to start laughing and rolling around.
Way too creepy for my taste.

I did eventually find some use for it: I laid it out on the porch for our
would-be Trick-or-Treaters…needless to say, there were a few screams to be
had at our doorstep that night! It now has its place in our Halloween décor

– Contributed by Ann

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Ann Craig, Editor Ann is a first-time mom in Southern California who loves buying "usefully cute" items for her son (Okay, she just likes having the excuse to satisfy her shopaholic nature). It would be even better if he also found them useful, then maybe she could get away with more items! But alas, he's happier chasing after her phone or his daddy's sneakers. When Ann's not busy playing keep-away with her son, she enjoys strolls around Disneyland, bargain-hunting and talking about all things baby! (Luckily for her, there are at least 9 people at her job who just had or who are having a baby so there's always someone to talk to. Something's in the water!!)

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My husband bought one of these (a different brand I believe but the same thing) at the airport for our 2 year old daughter that LOVES monkeys. Well once we turned it on she wouldn’t go near it! And now even if it is off she will talk about it and point but won’t go near it. I don’t blame her… the thing is a bit freaky!