Not Your Average Candy Filled Easter Basket

Not Your Average Candy Filled Easter Basket

7 Fun Easter Baskets That Do Not Include Candy

With Easter fast approaching moms everywhere are purchasing items for their kids’ Easter baskets. When packing an Easter basket many of us automatically think chocolate rabbits, marshmallow Peeps, and Whopper eggs. In the interest of raising healthy kids a little bit of sweets goes a long way. So….what else do you put in that large basket that won’t break the bank? Here are just a few great alternatives to candy that your children are sure to love.

   Garanimals - Baby Girls' 3-Piece Mix and Match Tees and Plaid Shorts Set  Spring Outdoor Fun Basket: Easter usually happens just as the weather is warming up. Small outside toys like bubbles, side walk chalk, or small balls might be a perfect way to get your kids playing outside. Add a cute T-shirt & short set, new sandals, or a sun hat and you have a complete basket that is sure to excite kids that have been cooped up inside during the winter months.

               Gardening Fun Basket: Maybe spring time for you means getting out in the garden. Why not let your best little helper join in the fun. Try putting seeds or bulbs along with a pint size gardening can, gloves, and spade in a basket. I bet you’ll see a smile grow on your little one’s face. Target always has adorable gardening items for both boys & girls.


     Crafty Kid Basket: These baskets are great for keeping kids busy on those rainy spring days. Crayola Color Wonder makes mess free marker, and paint sets that are great for mess free fun. They also make a line of art supplies for very young toddlers. Older preschoolers can use some washable crayons and coloring books for hours of quiet time play. Also, you may want to add play dough or moon sand. If you don’t mind messes some washable markers, construction paper, glue, glitter, and kid safety scissors can be hours of fun.


      Religious Themed Basket: A set of Resurrection Eggs can make teaching preschoolers about the holiday fun and engaging. A small baby Bible or board book about Easter would be a great addition for toddlers. Also, including the dry ingredients and recipe card to make Resurrection Rolls might be a fun family activity for after Easter Sunday Lunch.


     Cooking Buddy Basket: Equip your little chef for healthy eating by teaching them to cook. This basket might have a healthy kid cook book, kid’s size cooking supplies such as an apron, oven mitt, and some fun measuring cups. Maybe bake a healthy version of cup cakes or cookies from scratch to share with family during the holiday. Who knows this may become a fun family tradition.



  Educational Basket: Leap Frog makes a toy called Fridge Phonics that is an awesomely fun way to learn letters sounds. Small blocks or counting bears for math fun, and some workbooks can make for one school ready preschooler. Flash cards & board books are another inexpensive way to teach toddlers about shapes, colors, numbers, & letters. Target often has educational books and flash cards in their dollar section. If your budget is a bit larger try using Goosie Cards to design your own set of personalized flash cards using your pictures & words.

             Product Details  Bed Time Basket: A new bath toy, washing mitt, and bath crayons can make a big splash with little ones. Avon makes roll on body wash paint colors for decorating little bodies during bath time fun. Grab a new pair of your child’s favorite character PJs, a new tooth brush, and a bed time story or small lovey to round out this fun toddler basket.

Any of these baskets can be done on just about any size budget. Try springing for one $10-$20 item, and surrounding it with dollar store finds. For example, buy a $12 color wonder kit, and get a notebook, scissors, and washable crayons at the dollar store. Also, if you are on a very small budget be creative about substitutions. If the Fridge Phonics set is more than you’d like to spend buy some simple magnetic alphabet letters. They’ll serve the same purchase for a much much smaller price.

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Elisabeth is a mother to three wonderful children. Like most of today's stay at home moms, she's almost never actually at home. Between church, kindergarten, play dates, sports, and errands each day seems to fly by faster than the last! She loves it when she happens across a new baby item that helps simplify her crazy life. Elisabeth also loves letting other moms know what has worked, or not worked for them so that they can make the best purchases for their family. "What can I say; I’ve always been a shopper!" Elisabeth says. "I’ve just traded an obsession for shoes and purses for one with strollers and diaper bags. It may be a busy life, but I’m enjoying the ride."


  1. I’m glad you included a few ideas for even smaller budgets (I never would’ve thought of the magnet alphabet idea!). With 4 children, it’s hard to fit a $10-$15 dollar item for each kid into the budget (especially when we’re still recovering from Christmas!).

    Keep in mind, though, that Easter is a holiday that we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior. It’s not about bunnies and egg filled baskets. If you teach your children the true meanings behind the holidays we celebrate, they will love whatever gifts you choose for them, big or small. I think it’s important to make sure you include something in your baskets to go along with the reason behind the holiday. Last year I put a 3×5 framed picture of the Savior in with the other stuff in my kids’ baskets and they each keep that picture by their beds.

    Other smaller budget ideas…. print out coloring pages and make a book for your kids. This year I’m going to print out some coloring pages with pictures of Jesus on them to make small coloring books for my kids. Get an inexpensive picture album (you can find them at any dollar store) and fill it with pictures of your family, or make it kid specific and give one to each kid).

    My 4 kids are ages 18 months up to 8 years old, and they just love the fact that there is something inside the plastic eggs. I’ll put stickers, crayons, dollar jewelry, homemade coupons (for mommy-daughter or daddy-daughter dates, or for a trip to the treasure box, etc…)…. in their eggs and they LOVE that! I also put edible non-candy things like goldfish, yogurt raisins, fruit snacks, banana chips, cheerios, and stuff like that in their eggs. AND yes, keeping with the traditions that I grew up with, they each get a small chocolate bunny and a couple of eggs with actual candy in them.

    I do love the “themed” basket ideas. I have a cowgirl, a chef, a princess, and a holy terror (is that a theme?) in my family. You’ve given me a few good and inexpensive ideas I can use this year!


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