Nothing Like the Original

I was told by many of my parent-friends, children of the 70s, that the toy that every toddler needs is a sit n’ spin. “It’ll work miracles,” they said. And, “She’ll (my daughter) will be entertained with it (the toy) for hours.” Hours!

It all sounded too good to be true, but I believed them.  I got a sit n’ spin for my toddler on her 2nd birthday. And I didn’t just get her any sit n’ spin, oh, no, no, no, I went for the gusto and got a Playskool Music & Lights Sit n’ Spin with rocking tunes.

I paid $39.99 for my sit n’ spin on

Why’d I buy it? Oh, I don’t know, beyond thinking that hearing music while travelling at “dizzyingly” high speeds could be a good idea, I bought this sit n’ spin because it promised to be “just” like the classic that all of my parent-friends loved as children but better. Yeah, so I got it for that reason plus the fact that it plays six songs and has lights and is flashy and fun and so millennia.

Assembling our sit n ’spin was easy-peasy. I think it took us maybe 5 minutes of “hard” labor of attaching the spinning part to the steering wheel. This sit n’ spin takes AA batteries, which aren’t included with the toy, so after adding those, we were good to go!

Kind of.

Okay, now, before I give my negative critiques of this toy, let me say what I liked: I liked that the buttons on the handle that play the music are easily accessible by toddler hands. And I like that its colors of red, green, and purple can easily work for a boy or girl child. And I liked the rocking music that it plays.

Now, let me say what I don’t like about this sit n’ spin:

But (and there’s always a but isn’t there) it’s a sit n’ spin, right? And a sit n’ spin should spin, right? Right?!? Well, my sit n’ spin doesn’t spin. Or, no, let me rephrase that, my sit n’ spin does spin but my toddler isn’t yet “strong” enough to do the spinning. So guess who’s doing the spinning? Oh, none other than yours truly.  Yes. Exactly! So when my toddler uses her sit n’ spin, I must push her along. She has fun, but me? Eh. Not so much.

This sit n’ spin also seems a bit on the smaller side, so my daughter’s chest will rub up against it when she spins.

And while I like the music, I hate that it’s so loud. Oh, and I have also been told by my parent-friends who’ve seen my sit n’ spin, the older version was made of a more durable plastic.

Lastly, and this is huge problem for me, I was told that this toy could entertain my child with “hours” of fun. Even with me doing the spinning, my daughter will only sit on her sit n’ spin for about 10 minutes before moving on to the next toy. Perhaps when she gets older and stronger, this will change, but for now that’s what we’re working with.

So final verdict? Well, in they words of my parent-friends the Music & Lights sit n’ spin is “nothing like the original.”It’s full of flash, but doesn’t hold up to the whole substance part.

Would I recommend this product to other moms and dads? Given my experiences in being unable to get this toy to work with my toddler, I cannot recommend this product to other moms and dads.