Nursery Safety Tips As Seen On WGN

Nursery Safety Tips

September is Baby Safety Awareness Month! Babies spend 50-70 percent of their tiny lives in their cribs, so you want to make sure the nursery is as safe as possible for your precious bundle of joy. I was back at WGN this morning to share 7 key ways to make sure your nursery is as safe as it can be.

1) Never buy a used crib. With literally millions and millions of cribs recalled in the last decade, you never want to purchase a used crib. This is one product that you want to buy new so that you know it hasn’t been recalled.

PRODUCT SHOWN ON-AIR: Delta Bentley S Series 4-in-1 Crib ( *Crib is available at Target stores and


2) A bare crib is a safe crib. No blankets, loose bedding, crib bumpers or basically anything that is not the crib mattress or fitted sheet should go into a crib with a newborn.

PRODUCT SHOWN ON-AIR: A Delta  crib with a Moonlight Slumber Starlight Supreme All Foam crib mattress fitted with a Skip Hop crib sheet. A Gunapod by Gunamuna was also featured on the baby in the crib.


3) Continued Safety Checks. Because it is the only product meant for a baby to be in unattended, and because babies spend 50 to 70 percent of their tiny lives in their cribs, you want to give your crib regular safety checks. Once a month, on your baby’s birthday, inspect all joints, slats, and supports.


4) Keep it out of reach. Keep drapery, blind cords and baby monitor cords out of reach of the baby. A cord or curtain that is too close is a strangulation and suffocation hazard.

PRODUCT SHOWN ON-AIR: A Summer Infant Baby Touch 2 Video Monitor ($239) on a dresser.


5) Strap the dressers to the wall. Keep the nursery safe from the time the baby comes home from the hospital. Use a safety strap to anchor dressers, armoires or any other piece of heavy furniture to the wall. A curious toddler could use the drawers as a ladder and climb the furniture which is a tipping hazard if it is not secured to the wall.

Photo credit: Pricegrabber

PRODUCT SHOWN ON-AIR: A Delta Children Bentley S 6 Drawer Double Dresser to show furniture straps on back. *Dresser available at Target stores and


6) Plug those outlets. Your baby will turn into a toddler before you know it, so you want to make sure they are in a safe environment before they can even crawl by putting outlet plugs in every outlet in their room.

PRODUCT SHOWN ON-AIR: A mini outlet wall to show three ways to plug the outlets.

7) Choose cool NOT hot. Use a cool-air humidifier in the nursery when needed instead of a vaporizer to avoid burns. Clean it frequently, and empty it when not in use to prevent bacteria and mold growth.

PRODUCT SHOWN ON-AIR: A Crane Drop Shape cool mist humidifier and a Crane Owl Cool Mist Humidifier.

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