Nursing Cover for the Fashion Conscious Mamas

bebe au lait

We are big advocates of breastfeeding. Even though it’s a beautiful, natural thing, we are a bit modest about doing it in public. Since we are busy moms, we aren’t always home or in a private place to nurse our hungry babies. Like many moms, we keep a blanket with us to drape over ourselves to provide a little privacy when we nurse. The problem we have found with the blankets though is that they don’t stay in place and once baby takes a hold and tugs a little, the blanket falls to the floor, exposing us in the most inopportune times.

Now we have seen nursing covers, but rarely found them to be very fashionable, so we stuck with our blankets. That is until we saw the Bebe au Lait (also known as Hooter Hiders) nursing covers. These nursing covers come in 25 beautiful, chic styles so there is one for even the pickiest of fashionistas.

The Bebe au Lait cover is easy to use: just put the adjustable strap over your head and drape the fabric over you and baby and voila – you have a cover that stays put and allows you to keep your modesty.

We love that the Bebe au Lait nursing covers are very lightweight so they can be used even on the hottest days, unlike blankets that will heat mom and baby up quickly. Also, since the cover is thin, it folds compactly into your diaper bag for on the go.

There is a wonderful unique, rigid neckline that allows you to see baby and baby to see you while nursing. This is a wonderful hands free feature for mom to encourage bonding with your baby while nursing.

The handy terrycloth pocket on the bottom corner is great to hold breast pads or to use as a clean up cloth, so there is no need to have an extra cloth with you.

Our favorite feature of the Bebe au Lait nursing cover, besides the wonderful choice of fabrics, is the coverage. It’s large and will fit and cover any mom.

The Bebe au Lait nursing cover has changed our nursing ways. Instead of revealing more than we would like while nursing, these nursing covers stay in place, allow us to see our babies while breastfeeding, is lightweight and compact, comes in beautiful colors and patterns, and has plenty of coverage.

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