Oball I Think I Love You

Oball I Think I Love You

We have gone through our fair share of toys in the past 8+ years. Rarely does one toy (or brand) really stick out so much that I feel compelled to dedicate an entire blog post, gushing my love to it.

Oball I Think I Love You

Oball, I think I love you.

These balls sit, lonely, on an end cap at our neighborhood Target. They don’t really get too much attention, at least from what I’ve seen (and I’m at Target almost every day so that’s a pretty valid observation). I’ve witnessed, time and time again, parents picking them up, squishing them, they make a sour face, then place it back on the shelf. There are times I don’t know whether to run over and console the Oball that was rejected or hurl it at the parent (that doesn’t know what they are missing) while yelling It’s an awesome toy! I’m not really looking to hurt any one or embarrass myself so I let it be.

No matter how much you squish it, it bounces right back to it’s perfectly formed sphere. It’s also virtually indestructible which is a must in a house full of boys (or for any baby, really). The Oball Original has provided so much laughter, fun and learning for all three of my boys; all of them have learned how to catch and throw a ball while playing with one. The abundance of little circles that make up the Oball make catching, grabbing and throwing it easy enough for a 9-month-old to do. Actually, I think my youngest was even younger than that when he caught on. It’s so important to encourage those fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination as well as cause and effect with older infants/toddlers and Oball makes it fun.

Also? Having 3 (4 if you count my husband) boys is destructible enough as it is without the presence of balls in the house but, I will admit, I do allow Oballs to reside in the playroom. They aren’t heavy and haven’t (yet at least) caused any damage to any person, place or thing.

Oball I Think I Love You

Whenever I need a baby gift, the Oball Rattle is one of my go-to gifts.

Oball I Think I Love You

Right before my youngest turned one (just last week) I discovered that Oball now has an Oball Roller. Guess what I got my son for his birthday? He pushes and pulls that thing all over the house! It has a rattle inside the ball which makes a ton of noise (especially on the tile floors) but the noise is well worth the smile on the 1-year-old’s face.

*If you need a couple extra things to finish up your holiday shopping, you can still order the Oballs on Amazon.com (here) today and have it arrive in time for Christmas!

– Contributed by Christina

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  1. We love Oballs too! It’s the best baby gift. Even an tiny infant can grasp one with their little hands. I didn’t know that Oball makes a roller too. I’m totally going to get one for my soon-to-be toddler. Great idea!


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