Oh no! It’s a Man Cold!

Do you know what my husband doesn’t think is funny?  When I call him “poor little bunny” when he is sick. hehehe  Yes, we have a poor little bunny in the house today and he is not happy.

If you don’t know about “poor little bunny” – you must watch the video below. Seriously, watch it.  It’s only a minute and hopefully you’ll think it’s as funny as I do.

Sure, this video is old and been around the block but I seriously still laugh when I watch it!  I can’t help it.  It is so true with many (not all!) husbands that I know.  Moms could be losing a limb with pneumonia while vomiting but will still be driving carpool, doing the laundry, making dinner, doing homework and everything else that needs to get done. A man gets sick and the whole world should halt. A sniffle?  On the couch. A full blown cold? It’s a serious emergency.  Maybe that is why men weren’t made to have babies?  Hmmmm.

I’m totally not trying to be mean but my husband is one of these “poor little bunnies”.  He just doesn’t handle sickness well.  We all don’t like to be sick but sometimes some (not all!) men just make it a bigger deal that it might be. Plus, in all fairness to me, he isn’t all that sympathetic when I’m sick either. So, in honor of my poor little bunny (love you, honey!) – I wanted to share this video with you:


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