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  1. Foot straps?? Awesome! I am pretty partial to our Ergo for a ‘backpack’ style carrier – but honestly was thinking a few weeks ago that I wish there was something for Penny’s feet to hang out in.

  2. Carriers definitely get easier to use the larger your baby is. Once my son reached 15 pounds and had good neck/head strength I found that carrying him in a carrier was much simpler. So … I guess it all depends on your little one’s size. I can say, from my experience with the Boba, that it feels great on, very supportive. As long as you have someone to help clip the back strap (that is the hardest part for me), I’d say you are good to go!

  3. Hi! It sounds like a great carrier. I have been using a moby but I don’t like how it crunches her legs. I have the ergo with infant insert but it seems like a lot of steps to carry her and for someone with arthritis it may be difficult. Would you say this carrier would be easier for my swollen joints?

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