On-The-Go Snacking

I’ve tried numerous stroller snack trays, stroller attachments and gadgets but I have recently found that I need more of an on-the-go system rather than a stroller attachment. I need something that can be versatile, something that can be stuffed in my purse, diaper bag, threaded through the harness on the stroller (to prevent it from ending up on the ground)… just something easy for on the go type days.

I’ve found some noteworthy snacking solutions that I wanted to share.

Moja Creations Snack Bags on Etsy

These are by far one of my favorites! They are reusable (eco-friendly) snack bags that define on the go snacking. I can carry these on my wrist, on the stroller handle, secure it by threading the stroller (or car seat) harness through the elastic loop… there are so many ways to use this bag. I love that the elastic loop is fully attached (that keeps it in place when I thread it through a harness)… One of my pet peeves is when my son throws his snack off the side of his stroller or worse? when I’m driving and he starts throwing a fit cause he dropped his snack. I love these snack bags. Just a helpful tip to parents of toddlers (or kids that can’t work velcro just yet), fold the opening down and out so the velcro doesn’t reattach. This is another issue we came across- frustrated toddler that can’t get the bag open.

Itzy Ritzy Snack Bags on Amazon

Another eco-friendly, reusable option is the zippered Itzy Ritzy snack bag. These I like for my preschooler because he’s learning how to use a zipper. They don’t have a strap so keep an eye on these so they don’t get lost!

LunchBots Duo Box on Amazon

These are great for the kids that don’t like their on-the-go lunch or snack to touch. It’s sturdier so a little more like a lunch box or on the go plate (think of a place- like the beach- when you thing high sides on a plate would be most beneficial).

Flip and Tumble Produce Bags on Amazon

These are great for larger items, like whole fruit! They also have a drawstring closure which, is perfect for hanging on a stroller handle or carrying like a little purse.

Graze Organic Deluxe 5-pack on Amazon

These are so cool. They actually help my curious (and sometimes scatter-brained) 8-year-old determine which food is for snack and which foods are for lunchtime. Recently we’ve been having problems with what he eats at school. We show him what is meant for snack time and what is meant for lunchtime but it either goes in one ear and out the other or he was all kinds of hungry and ate the majority of his food at snack time. It has happened both ways. With these bags, he has a visual reminder, while at school, and is able to eat his foods at the proper times of the day; which helps him maintain his blood sugar (read: mood) for the remainder of the day.

Ju Ju Be Fuel Cell Bag on Amazon

For temperature sensitive snacks or drinks, the Ju Ju Be Fuel Cell is made for the mom on-the-go! It clips easily to a diaper bag or stroller and carries cold sippys, yogurt, water… anything you wish to keep cool while on-the-go. It has an interior clear zipper pocket in the lid that is great for an ice pack, a spoon, and napkins.