Once Upon a Time…

…I thought I was crafty. Turns out, I’m not. Now I buy handmade items instead. Check out my latest crafty crush- Pincushion:

Pincushion’s keepsake decor products are all handmade with love and care. Each piece in their collection reminds me of something my great grandmother would have made. Except with way less lace and way more modern flare.

If you like unique, handmade, quality crafty stuff- let me tell you: Pincushion has got it going on. They’ve got embroidered wall art, stretched out canvas art, pillow making kits, and growth charts designed by Alexander Girard. Plus, a ton of their stuff can be personalized- and I’m a sucker for anything with my kid’s name on it. Especially when it’s something that looks good hanging on a wall.

Pincushion’s personalized items are hand-stitched by a group of Bay Area artisans who were trained by Lucy Barter of London’s Royal School of Needlework. Each piece is signed by the stitcher, making it a unique handcrafted gift that can be passed down to generations to come. I just love those kinds of details. It makes me feel like I’m buying a piece of history.

Pincushion also offers children’s growth charts that feature the designs of the iconic mid-century American artist Alexander Girard. Original prints and works of Alexander Girard are extremely rare and only recently has his estate began to work with select design companies to make his work more widely available. Pincushion’s Alexander Girard Children’s Growth Charts feature some of his most colorful and fanciful designs.

The icing on the cake for me is that Pincushion is committed to contributing to the health and well-being of our planet by using organic materials, packing their items in recycled and recyclable materials, and using sustainable materials whenever possible. It bugs me to no end when I get a product in the mail that is stuffed full of packing materials that are going to go sit in a landfill for a million years.

You ready for the #1 reason I am so in love with Pincushion right now?

I’m always on the hunt for unique baby shower gifts and Pincushion hits the nail right on the head. I’ve never really seen anything quite like the products they offer. Sometimes I like to go rogue and get something off the registry. I can’t help it! There are only so many swaddling blankets and onesies I can take. I need something different, something unexpected, something…. from Pincushion.

In my greatest fantasy, I’m a totally crafty mama who can whip up hand stitched pillows and painted wall art canvases in a pinch. I’d be so proficient in my craftiness that I would be giving away my hand crafted treasures left and right. No one would be safe from the charms of my glue gun. Until that fantasy becomes a reality (read: never), I’ve got Pincushion to save the day.

For more information on Pincushion, visit their website HERE.