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One of our favorite kid books will be available as a board book!

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At my baby shower for my daughter, all the invited guests were asked to bring their favorite children’s book so that we could start a library of great books to read to the baby.  While we received all kinds of fabulous books, one of the books that was most popular (we received three!) was God Gave Us You by Lisa T. Bergren.  It ended up not only being some of my closest friends and family’s favorite children’s book but quickly became a favorite of ours.  We love the fact that the book emphasizes that each child is a treasured gift.

We have read the book so many times over the years that it’s a good thing we have two copies (we gave one to a friend!) because the books are starting to show a little too much love.  Now bandaged with tape in more places than one from grabby little hands that liked to “help” turn the page, our beloved God Gave Us You books are a little worn.

While the torn pages just emphasize our love of the book, I am super excited to tell you that God Gave Us You will soon be available as a sturdy board book. While this is a very popular book for baby showers and first birthday gifts, the board book will be a hit with parents because they won’t have to worry about torn pages of their favorite bedtime story.  And the tough board book will be perfect for the littlest (grabby!) hands that like to help turn the pages, read the book to themselves or just plain chew on the book.  Yes, my toddler chews on books!   

The new God Gave Us You board book will be available at bookstores starting July 19.  If you have a baby shower or first birthday coming up, I recommend picking up a copy to help start the new baby’s library. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.