One Reason I Like to Use LATCH (VIDEO)

One Reason I Like to Use LATCH (VIDEO)

I prefer to install car seats with LATCH as long as the little passenger is under the LATCH weight limits for the specific vehicle. I think it makes for an easier install and I always seem to get the car seat just a little tighter with LATCH than I would with the vehicle seat belt. There is another reason that I love to use LATCH and that is the topic for today’s Baby Gizmo Video.

(NOTE: You can never use both LATCH and the vehicle seat belt to install a car seat! It is one OR the other but NEVER BOTH! Also, the car seat in the video was just a talking point and is not installed with LATCH in that 3rd row.)

Did you realize this was a benefit of LATCH?


  1. Also LATCH can not be used in all middle seats of a car (as in a car with 1 row with 3 spots with seat belts. As a former tech that is one thing I saw very often.


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