Onesie Sabotages Sleep Schedule

My son is not the best sleeper!  He is 5 ½ months old and we are desperately trying to get him on a consistent sleep schedule.  Just as I think we are making some headway, I am sabotaged but a lousy onesie.  Yep, you heard me right – a onesie!

Yesterday, I pulled out one of the Christmas onesies for Sutton to wear since we were headed to the preschool Christmas program.   Now, I want to state for the record, I did not buy this outfit.  It was a gift.  It’s a red with green/white stripes velour onesie featuring snowmen and “Baby’s First Christmas” on the front.  It’s cute.  It’s warm.  It’s festive.

Sutton is decked out in holiday spirit and I think it is all good.  Until naptime!  First nap attempt – disaster!  Second and third nap attempts in the afternoon – disaster!  Sutton did get about 20 minutes sleep each time but couldn’t get settled down enough to stay asleep.  I figure it’s just one of those days.  He was tired but just wouldn’t sleep.  He would roll from side to side trying to get comfortable but just never did.

That night when it was bedtime, I left him in the Christmas onesie because it wasn’t dirty.  And yes, I didn’t bathe him last night.  Living in Chicago, I was always told you don’t have to give babies a bath every single night because it will dry out their skin.

So, Sutton is in his bed in the Christmas onesie.  He eventually rolled onto his side and fell asleep.  When he woke up at 2am to eat (and yes, he still wakes up to eat at night…we are working on it!), I realized what must have been keeping him awake all day.  Just so you know, I do my best thinking in the middle of the night when I’m up with him.

The Christmas onesie was sabotaging my efforts to get him to nap!

Here’s the thing:  I was annoyed when I first put the outfit on him because it snapped down the back.  Whose bright idea was to put the snaps down the back of a baby’s onesie?  Definitely someone that does not have a baby of their own!

I was annoyed because the only way to get this outfit on and snapped all the way up the back was to lay Sutton on his stomach face down while I snapped it closed.  This is not the easiest way to dress a baby.  Yet, I still put the outfit on him.

So, as I am trying to soothe Sutton back to sleep after the 2am feeding, I realize why he is probably rolling from side to side.  The huge seam with snaps that ran the length of the back of the onesie!!  Okay, maybe this wasn’t the reason that Sutton wasn’t napping in the afternoon but maybe it WAS?  Upon closer examination, I noticed that the fabric must have been folded over like 3 times and then the snaps were attached.  The seam was huge!

No wonder he was rolling from side to side!  It probably felt like he was lying on a pole!

I, of course, immediately changed his clothes and he went right to sleep.  So, maybe it was the onesie or maybe not?  But I’m blaming First Moments (the brand of that onesie) for Sutton’s lost sleep!


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