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  1. Great response! I too am a full-time working mom of two girls (3 years and 10 months) and couldn’t agree more that marriage and kids are a celebration of life. I also agree we shouldn’t only define ourselves as mommies, but as women. Definitely celebrate that promotion, landing that dream job or backpacking across Asia. I say way to go! We are the holders of our destiny and having kids only enhances the balancing act we all do. My girls will grow up with the support and confidence to accomplish whatever they set their minds to. I wonder if Amy Glass realizes how bitter she sounds and that many people likely feel sorry for and look down on her?

  2. Thank you for standing up to a close minded woman who does not truly know the meaning of life. Only those who do not have children and do not know the love of family would be so brazen as to suggest that being a mother and committing yourself full time to your family is anything but rewarding or WORK. I may have downtime to take a nap here and there, but that more than makes up for my lack of sleep at night, my hard work during the day, and my emotional strain throughout the week caring for and raising my family and children.

  3. There is nothing more exceptional than the look in your child’s eyes when they see you. I wouldn’t give up being a mother for any jobs, salary or trophy. My children are my trophies. It is because of our jobs as mothers that we have doctors and other professions. Who does she think is raising these doctors and supporting them when they are just children?

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