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  1. Dear Hollie:
    Thank you for posting amazing reviews you help me every time I needed a new stroller I have bought the Quinny buzz4 the Quinny zapp and the Quinny zap extra the Quinny swb and I had the Brits be ready double stroller
    Now here is my scenario :
    Our second daughter ruthie (autism
    Spectrum ) and will turn 3 years old this may (tall and on the thin side around 29 lbs)needs to be put in a stroller (tide and movement ) in order for her to follow sleep
    During nap we take her to a quest and darker heated shop my husband rents and there she naps in the Quinny buzz
    At home we have the Quinny zap extra in her bedroom
    Some nights she is up so much that she needs to be stroll in order for her to remain sleeping
    But as you know her legs are commung out of the stroller and I want for her to be the most comfortable she can on those 2 strollers in can’t really add a pillow so her feet and part of her legs are out of the coocon stroller
    My question is
    I believe I need a jogging stroller that accommodates older kids but I needs to be one that reclines ,
    Is extremely comfortable no flat like the Quinny Send
    And it needs to have leg room
    So her legs are not hanging
    Any recommendations? I think maybe the large mountain.buggie but I am not sure about the leg there since that bar is not adjustable
    Don’t spect
    To be doing this forever so I will prefer to to buy a special needs stroller since she has the capability to run and walk
    Any help will be greatly appreciated
    Thank you again for helping moms and dads everywhere
    You really make amazing videos and I enjoy seeing your kids helping you are a great mom
    Thank you again !!
    Let me know if you want ruthie lengthy I think is 36″ as yesterday neurologist appointment but I can measure her again

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