Our Summer Dance Parties with KIDZ BOP (GIVEAWAY)

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Like most kids, summer is my children’s favorite time of the year. No school, no homework and no early wake-up calls (their bus comes at 6:40am during the school year!) top the list as their favorite things of all time. As we near the end of July, they have spent the last month and a half hanging with friends, playing in the pool, building a treehouse, spending time with family and playing sports. As chaotic as it is for this work-at-home mom, I have to say that I love it! Most of the time. Sure, they make more messes and they are awfully loud (especially during conference calls!) but I love having the extra time with them. We get to take a break from our rigid school year schedule and just play and hang out more.

This summer it dawned on me that I only really get 18 summers with them. Once they leave for college, I’m guessing the summers aren’t mine anymore. They will be on to summer jobs, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends and other things that will leave mom on the sidelines. So, every time (okay, maybe not every time!) they start screaming that someone hit them or whining that they have nothing to do, I tell myself that this doesn’t go on forever so I need to enjoy it. Every minute of it. Even the bad moments when they are on my last nerve, I need to try to find my mom patience and find the fun or joy in it.

One thing we started this summer are random dance parties. When someone is sad, mad, cranky or just in the “I’m-so-bored” frame of mine, we crank up the music and dance. You can’t stay sad at a dance party, right?!

Even when my sister-in-law and I were sending our daughters off to “Grandma Camp” with my mom (a week long stay for a handful of cousins at my mom’s house in Orlando) a few weeks ago, we reminded the girls about the impromptu dance parties if they thought that someone was a little on edge or cranky.

dance party

While our dance parties don’t require any special music, we do have our go-to music that works every time. You can’t just turn on the radio for a dance party because what happens when a commercial hits? The dance party comes to an awkward halt. That can’t happen.

So, we have special summer playlists that we made on Spotify for our “parties.” Why Spotify? Because since it is a music streaming service that is available on our computers, phones and tablets, we basically always have the playlists with us! Even my 6 year old has his special playlists on his iPad!

Not only does Spotify curate hundreds of playlists for every mood with plenty of ones specifically geared towards kids, but my kids can make their own individual playlists with their favorite songs! My 10 year old daughter loves to create different playlists for different situations that she can also share with her friends. She has a playlist for nighttime, pool time, dance time, road trips and more! One for each mood of a 10 year old. If you know anything about a 10 year old girl, that is A LOT of moods…ummm…I mean playlists. 🙂

My daughter can also follow her favorite artists on Spotify to stay up to date with new songs and album release dates.

Plus, I can feel confident that my 6 year old isn’t listening to inappropriate booty-shaking, foul language songs when he’s listening to the Spotify playlists that we create together.

While they love most of the popular artists and songs on the radio, one of their most favorite songs come from Kidz Bop. And you know what? That’s a-okay with me! Not only do they love hearing the Kidz Bop kids sing their favorite popular songs, but I love that they clean up the songs and make them very kid-friendly. I never have to say, “You can’t sing that part of the song because it has a naughty word in it” when they listen to Kidz Bop. Yeah, that was fun trying to convince to my 3-year old a few years back that Britney Spears was not saying “Britney B**ch” in her super popular song that played constantly on the radio a few years back.

I’m guessing that is what makes KIDZ BOP the #1 music brand for kids. The songs are all the popular songs that we all love but “kid-ified.” Yes, I know that isn’t a real word but it is now. LOL.

This month the 29th KIDZ BOP album launched. That’s right – KIDZ BOP 29 dropped on July 10th and includes summer hits like “Sugar”, “GDFR” and “I Want to Know.” My daughter is such a fan of KIDZ BOP that she wants to be one of the KIDZ BOP singers.

kidz bop 29

Okay, back to our summer dance parties! Since we can share our Spotify playlists with friends and family, we thought why not share it with you? You are our friends! You may need to have some summer dance parties in your house and what better way to start than with our fun playlists curated by the Junior Gizmo kids!

This one is our Dance Party playlist:

This is my daughter’s “Chill Music” playlist:

To create your own playlists on Spotify, all you have to do is download and install the Spotify app on your computer, smartphone or tablet and start listening to you favorite songs right away and creating your playlists. *The streaming service is free, but premium members can take advantage of unlimited skips, offline streaming and ad-free listening.

Since those premium services sound pretty awesome, we are having a GIVEAWAY and one lucky winner will receive a 12-month subscription to Spotify Premium!  This is a quick 3-day giveaway so enter fast!


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One (1) 12 month Premium Subscription to Spotify

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*This post was sponsored by KIDZ BOP. As always, all thoughts, opinions and statements are our own.