Pack it up, pack it in with Hamster Buggy Bags

Usually when I take the stroller out, I like to shop. While I might shop very quickly when I’m with the kids, ┬áthe fact is…I don’t want to be making another trip to the mall with them anytime soon. It’s not a pleasant shopping experience to begin with as they have very little patience for browsing and I have very little patience with them. Thus, when I run out of room underneath the stroller for storing the purchased goods, I’m more than upset because I still have more shopping to do and going back to the car is not an option (for sanity purposes).

While, sure you could also load up the back of the stroller handles with bags too but once my little boy wiggles free…the stroller topples over and sometimes if his little sister is riding along with us, she’ll topple over too. It’s never a win-win. However, I could be “winning,” with these handy Hamster Buggy Bags.

Hamster Buggy Bags are detachable storage bags shaped like pods that attach to the sides of your stroller for added storage that won’t topple over with or without your child in the stroller. I’ve seen it one too many times that the minute you unbuckle your child out of the stroller and forget that your diaper bag is attached to the back, your unfinished coffee and new purchases go flying every which way.

Fitting most strollers by attaching to the top of the handles of the stroller (the company says that if a stroller has handles at the top for the bags to attach to, they’ll fit your stroller), the bags stay put and allow for easy access storage and leaving your handle bars free and clear for you to shop and stroll as easy as ever. Not to be fooled by a gimmick, I tested it. I think we shoved just about everything in those two bags including, half a case of diapers, wipes, my wallet, sippy cups, snacks (tons of snacks), toys, and many store purchases. Now here comes the test…when I took my son out of the stroller…I ducked just to prepare us for it but it didn’t happen — it didn’t TIP OVER! Success!

Loving these new Hamster Buggy Bags and the best part is that now you don’t have to take a bag from every store you shop at. Instead you can be earth-friendly and just pop your purchases right into the two bags, isn’t that fantastic. Definitely a must-have on the baby registry or a baby gift for the friend that already has everything…and likes to shop!

Available in red, green, blue and black to match your stroller, Hamster Buggy Bags, $49.95, at While the Hamster Buggy Bags are currently available only in the UK, they will be arriving in the US in May at select retailers and in the One Step Ahead summer catalog.