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Packing Light? Don’t Forget the BobaAir!

Heading out? Questioning whether or not there is room for your usual carrier? Well, let me tell you – the BobaAir is the solution to that problem!

bobaair in a diaper bag

Made of nylon and therefore super light weight (just 0.7 pounds!), the BobaAir is an ergonomic babywearing option for families on the go. It’s ideal for both front and back carries for children 15-45 pounds. But most of all, the BobaAir is the perfect travel companion, especially since you can simply fold it, roll it into the front pocket, zip it shut and go. Everything you need to wear your little in a tiny little rectangle!

With the BobaAir I was most concerned about how comfortable and breathable it would be with my two kiddos. I’ve used (and totally loved) the Boba Carrier 3G, but couldn’t quite imagine what a carrier made of nylon would feel like. I’m very pleased to report that it’s super comfortable!

mom babywearing toddler

The wide straps didn’t cut into my shoulders, in fact, they were quite supportive of my almost 30 pound 1 year old. And that’s sayin’ a lot! I wore him for a good 2 hours at the county fair and the BobaAir hugged him just right to me. It provided a stable seat, one of the tenants of a quality carrier and kept us cool. Think athletic wear when it comes to the breathability of nylon. As we walked around he popped out his arms, checked out the animals and nibbled on yummy fair food – all while being close to his mama which makes him a very happy little boy. Ok, ok … it makes me happy too.

bobaair bottom

See how the straps lay flat across my shoulder? No digging!

Later on, big sis took a turn on her auntie’s back in the BobaAir. She asks for piggybacks quite often and adding a carrier makes it MUCH easier for us to support her. It had been a long day at the fair and girlie was tired for sure. She’s coming up on 35 pounds and is a tall 38 inches so her legs dangle a bit more, but for short trips when we can pull out a carrier that is neatly tucked in my purse, the BobaAir is a godsend.

bobaair 5

Need a BobaAir  for your next outing? Buy the BobaAir here. Right now, it’s available in black and the fun, bright blue shown in the photos above. I promise, you’ll love the convenience and on-the-go support of the BobaAir! Dare I say it’s a blue ribbon winner?

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Friday 6th of March 2015

Is the fabric similar to the eno hammocks?

Kim S

Thursday 5th of September 2013

It seems like it would be hot with the nylon. My little heat-box would be super toasty

Gretchen Bossio

Sunday 25th of August 2013

Yes - a nylon type material so no lint at all!


Tuesday 13th of August 2013

Jealous! Looks awesome. I have a Boba, but this one looks great. My only issue with the one I have is that it catches lint like crazy. this one looks like it's got a lighter and less linty material.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.