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  1. Very timely. I was recently researching harness to booster car seats for my tall 3 1/2 year old and discovered – quite by accident – that if kids are over 40 lbs and using the 5-point harness,the car seat needs to be installed using the vehicle seat belt instead of the LATCH system. My current car seat is supposed to be rated for kids up to 65 lbs – if my daughter hadn’t outgrown it by height, I would happily have left her in it past 40 lbs never even realizing that the LATCH system isn’t rated to take the weight. I had to read through the car seat manual 3 times to find the fine print that specified that little gem of information…
    Anyway – for those parents who like me want to keep their kids harnessed as long as possible – be sure to check both the car seat manual and the vehicle manual for the weight rating on the LATCH…

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