Peace of Mind for Your Little Love’s Lovey

Peace of Mind for Your Little Love’s Lovey

Never in a million years did I think that the lovey my friend gave my 3 month old son would turn into such a treasured possession. In fact, Mr. Froggy is truly such a beloved and important member of our family that his name is appears on our annual holiday card. We cannot go anywhere without Mr. Froggy in tow. There have been a few times where he was accidentally forgotten at home and I seriously suffered anxiety until he was safely back in my son’s clutches. We bought two back-ups but my astute son knows that they are imposters whenever we’ve tried giving him one as a substitute while Mr. Froggy was in the laundry. I seriously do not know what our family would do if we ever lost Mr. Froggy and hopefully we never will, especially thanks to LostMyLovey.

LostMyLovey is the FREE online lost-and-found for children’s toys, accessories and other lost children’s items, and home of the LostMyLovey ID Tag. offers two distinct services:

1) An online classified-ad type service for lost or found items, or for parents looking for a replacement for an item. The classified ad is FREE, and you can post as many items as you wish. You just need to register as a member of the site to use our service. Post your lost item in our classified ad listings here.

2) LostMyLovey ID Tags are also available to purchase for $13.95. The tag is custom-embroidered with your phone number and a unique ID number. If your lovey is dropped or lost, the ID Tag allows the finder to call you directly, or by going to the website, typing in your unique ID code on the tag, and sending you a message. The tag is a looped ribbon with medium-weight cotton backing, and is soft enough to be hugged right along with your child’s lovey. With no metal or plastic parts, parents can rest easy that this item is lead-free and BPA-free. And the loop makes it a perfect carrying handle for your lovey.

Peace of Mind for Your Little Love’s Lovey


These two services are separate and independent of each other. You don’t need to buy a tag in order to use the classified ad service. Really, the tag is just insurance for the next time you lose something. Conversely, if you purchase an ID Tag and your item later gets lost, you do not have to post a “lost” item in our classified-ad service. It certainly can’t hurt though, and tag owners who post a “lost” item listing get featured on the home page for free in the Have You Seen Me? box.

LostMyLovey was started by Lisa Oliver, a mom who spent the better part of 5 years looking for her children’s loveys as they were lost over and over again in grocery stores, restaurants, and parks. Although she always managed to find them, she kept thinking — what if someone found it and wanted to give it back, but didn’t have any way to figure out who the owner was? Thus, an idea was born.

I feel a lot safer with Mr. Froggy sporting his tag which I view similar to the microchip many dogs wear. Now If only Mr. Froggy could taIk. I wonder what Mr. Froggy thinks of his frequent spa washes, if he minds how my son sucks his frog leg or what his opinions are of all the classes, events and activities we go to are.

Have you ever lost or misplaced your child’s favorite blanket, toy or stuffed animal?

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