Peaches Geldof Drops Baby- But Don’t Worry, Her Cellphone is Safe!

It’s been a rough few days for Peaches Geldof. The 23 year-old British presenter and daughter of Sir Bob Geldof was walking along a London street talking on her cellphone with her 5 month-old son in his stroller, when they hit a small hole in the ground and the stroller fell. Most importantly, the poor baby fell. And now I’m going to let the photos tell the story…..

Walking and talking


Oh no!
"Oh don't worry, my baby just fell onto the street"
Comfort + Talking on Cellphone = Excellent Multitasking

Don’t worry people, her cellphone is safe! Her call was NOT disconnected!!

No wait a minute….

You know how much we hate to judge mothers here at Baby Gizmo, but I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say:

Woman- DROP THE PHONE!! Your baby is lying on the street and mom can’t even mutter an “I’ll call you back”?! Have we now got to the point where our phones/social lives are more important than the safety of our child? No! No we have not!!

Peaches later took to her twitter account to state:

Was just walking with Astala in his pram and there was a massive hole in the pavement I didn’t see as was pushing the pram and the pram -fell into it and toppled over! Thankfully Astala didn’t fall out as was strapped in and so Didnt get hurt at all or cry. But still the London pavements are SO dangerous!

Now in fairness, I was born and raised in London and yes, the streets are full of cracks and holes. And I really don’t want to doubt the integrity of a mother, but that baby doesn’t look strapped in to me. Does he to you? Thankfully, baby Astala was not hurt. But Peaches has been hearing from many shocked and outraged people across the internet.

Thank you for teaching us all of us a valuable lesson Peaches- child safety first. Always.

What are your thoughts on the photos?