Perfect Gifts For Your Furry Friends

They say a dog is a man’s best friend (and cats are just as wonderful) so it would only make sense to shower your pet with a present or two this holiday season. There are many options out their for your furry friends – some fall into the deluxe “I can’t believe this is for an animal” category while others are more homemade and simplistic in nature. Whatever you decide, I’m sure your four-legged friend will be quite pleased to find a present under the Christmas tree. Here are my top ten finds for that special pet in your life!

Bow Tie DogĀ  Collar | $15 | BUY HERE

Dog Bed | $58 | BUY HERE

Feather Cat Toy | DIY HERE

Dog Biscuits | RECIPE HERE

Puppy Paint | $9 | BUY HERE

Dog Sweater | $35 | BUY HERE

Custom Pet Art | $40 | BUY HERE

Pet Food & Water Feeder | $68 | BUY HERE


Dog Toy | 12 | BUY HERE

What are you buying for your furry friend this year?