Perfect Pinterest Snacks

PERFECT PINTEREST SNACKSAvocado Cream Cheese Snack Roll Ups /// Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Pizza Sticks /// Dried Cantaloupe /// Apple Cookie /// Cheese and Turkey Roll Up /// Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberries /// BLT Bites /// Frozen Peanut Butter Snack Square /// Coconut Cream Pie Energy Bites /// Cobb Dip

Whether you’re looking for lunch box snacks or appetizer type treats for a mom’s night, I think this round up will have you covered! Isn’t your mouth watering?

This week I’m hosting a Noonday Collection Truck Show (love this organization!) and rather than serving a heavy dinner or desserts I’m going with an assortment of Pinterest inspired snacks. One, because who doesn’t love an array of snacks and two, Pinterest recipes seem to have about a 95% chance of being amazing and making it into my forever cookbook. Have you had the same success?

I think I’m especially excited about the Apple Cookies and Coconut Cream Pie Energy Bites! What looks the yummiest to you?