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  1. Just read about the Ergo Carrier at Natural Mommie’s blog last night. If God blesses us with a second, these are going on my wish list!

  2. I wonder if someone who has one would mind trying it and taking a picture, I tried that with a JJB Packabe and it worked, but I just might be interested in this bag if it would also do that.

  3. Interesting thought Natalie! I used to wear mine cross chest and adjust the strap to be tight fitting and it wore like a sling bag. You could probably do what you metnioned too…all the straps are removable:)

  4. could you detach the backpack straps and only use one (attached to the top on one side and the bottom on the other) and wear it like a sling bag?

  5. Agree with everything! I love my petunia pickle bottom bag (boxy backpack) and get compliments on it all the time!

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