Every Mom Needs Petunia Pickle Bottom Accessories

Every Mom Needs Petunia Pickle Bottom Accessories

Besides making gorgeous diaper bags, Petunia also makes a wide variety of accessories in coordinating prints.  In this post, I am sharing all the details of the travel train case and the powder room case. If you are someone who likes to keep things organized and pretty then this post is for you!


Pictured above- The train case in the print Sunshine in Sardinia and the powder case in the print Delightful Dubrovnik.


The travel train case retails for $42 and is a great size as you can see above and it has so many uses. I keep one on my bathroom shelf that houses all of my hair and make up products so they are always at an arm’s reach, all in one spot, and instead of being all cluttered in my bathroom, they are all tucked away in this gorgeous bag. You could use your train case for travel to store cosmetics, your children’s toys, or anything else you can think up. I keep a travel train case in my car to hold back up diapers and wet wipes just in case I ever need them.


Pictured above: The inside of the train case. As you can see, the top has a separate zippered compartment which makes keeping your things organized very easy. If you were packing one of these for a trip you could keep jewelry or other special items in here to keep them separate from everything else.


Pictured above: The main compartment of the travel train case. This baby has pockets galore which I love! There is a total of six separate pockets all along the side of the train case. When I pack mine for travel I put nail polish and clippers in one, tooth brushes in another, and hair bands and pins in yet another. I use the main part for larger items. Sometimes small items can easily be misplaced when everything is thrown into a bag but the pockets and organization of this case were designed so that wouldn’t happen.


Pictured above is the powder room case, which retails at $28. While this may look like just any other make up case, I promise it isn’t. These powder room cases were perfectly designed to fit into your diaper bag and they are the ideal case for the organizational mom. I have several of these and I use them for EVERYTHING. I stick a few different ones in my diaper bag every day. One is for my make up, one holds a few disposable diapers and wipes, and another holds any necessities my son may need that day. They are the perfect size to hold toys, you could make one a mini first aid kit to stay in your diaper bag, you could even keep baby food in one. Moms who may want to try one of Petunia’s prints but don’t want to shell out the money for a diaper bag or don’t need another one will have fun choosing some powder cases because they give you a chance to have different fun patterns that match your bag.


Pictured above- The inside of the powder room case. As you can see there is a main compartment and then a pocket on one side. This way you can keep things separate if you need to. These cases are small enough to easily pack in your bag but large enough to store quite a few items.

I am a firm believer that you should carry a beautiful diaper bag you love complete with beautiful items to help you keep it organized. Packing and carrying  your diaper bag should be fun, and Petunia Pickle Bottom makes that possible with the travel train case and powder room case. I hope this review gave you a better look at these items and ideas of how you can use them to help make your life easier.


Do you have these items? How do you use them? What do you use to keep your diaper bag organized? Leave us a comment and let us know!


  1. Love my PPB! I’m in the market to get some of these other pieces for organization both in the diaper bag and baby’s bedroom.

  2. I love everything PPB! I have one travel train for toiletries and I have 3 Powder room cases. One for my husbands extra travel stuff 🙂 one for extra diapers in the suitcase and one that stays in the diaper bag for rarely used back-up items. When the kids go to grandmas for the day I switch to the “not cute” diaper bag and the powder room case quickly transfers the diaper bag necessities.


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