Philips AVENT Rocks the Baby World with New Natural Bottle

Philips Avent

We all know that breast is best, right?!? Let’s keep it real though because that doesn’t mean that babies can always feed right from the breast.  While breast milk is the best for your baby end of story, there are all kinds of reasons why a mother may need to use a bottle. Hey, working moms who pump (or any other mom who pumps!) have their breast milk fed to their baby in a bottle.

So, bottles are a big part of the baby gear world. They are necessary in most households. Hey, all three of my babies were fed from a bottle at one point! That is why I wanted to share a new bottle in town. After 25 years of Philips AVENT making great bottles, they made a change to the design of its bottle. Yep, they know breast is best and wanted to make a bottle with a nipple designed to mimic mom’s breast to promote natural latch-on and prevent nipple confusion. They want you to breastfeed your baby, but if you can’t do it directly from your breast, they want you to consider their ‘breast-like’ bottles. They want to make it easier for you to combine bottle and breastfeeding to give babies the best start in life.

No, these bottles aren’t warm and inviting like a breast but they have some pretty great features. This new AVENT Natural Bottle has a wide, breast-shaped nipple with a petal design to increase softness and prevent collapse to make the bottle and breastfeeding combination easy. The bottle also has an advanced anti-colic system with two high performance valves that help reduce colic by venting air into the bottle, not the baby’s tummy.

Philips Avent

The bottles are available in glass, as well as polypropylene, a BPA free material.  Plus, the bottles sport an ergonomic shape making it easier to hold and few parts to make washing them a breeze.

The bottles comes in 1 pack, 2 pack and 3 packs. You can buy the bottles through the links below: