phil&teds Debuts Sub 4 Jogging Stroller

phil&teds sub4

The wait is over! Did you know we were waiting for it? Anyway, this is a stroller that has been in the works for years. Phil&Teds has finally debuted their first true jogging stroller, the sub 4.

They are saying it is the “world’s fastest jogger”. They are touting this buggy as one that Batman would have…if Batman needed a buggy. I hate to disagree but I don’t think Batman needs a buggy. The more logical one would be “this would be the one if Usain Bolt needed a stroller!” He is the fastest man in the world after all! (That is IF they could afford his likeness.) Think about it…he would win every race with ease if he was pushing this “fastest buggy in the world”! 🙂

I'm not trying to sell any strollers with this image! It belongs to AP Photo/Petr David Josek. I'm just using it as a "teaching tool" to show what would be a better analogy for this stroller IF they could afford his likeness. 🙂

We don’t have the sub 4 stroller in our hands at the moment, so we’ll just share the manufacturers information with you.

  • If batman had a buggy, he’d have a sub 4
  • experience running like never before
  • engineered for speed and uncompromised performance
  • geometric design for unparalleled stride length
  • unique one hand control for sound running posture
  • fully adjustable handle height
  • motion control hub at centre of frame configuration
  • 20″ rear wheels with pneumatic tyres to reduce roll resistance
  • complete impact absorption – full suspension & torsion control bars for responsive frame flex
  • state of the art aerocore seat technology*
  • five point safety harness
  • one hand dual disk brakes for speed control & park
  • full sunhood ensuring maximum coverage
  • jet pac accessory bag with both sun & storm covers INCLUDED!

The stroller is will retail for super expensive $899. You better be a very dedicated runner to plunk down that kind of cash for a jogger! Either that or it better do the running for me and make me lose weight at the same time for that much money! OR you better be the fastest person in the world after you have to steal it because $900 is a lot of pay for a jogger.

What do you think of this new jogger? Worth the money?