phil&teds Vibe Stroller GIVEAWAY!

phil&teds vibe

phil&teds vibe

Congrats to our winner –

Entry #332 – Nici R.

This week’s Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway is with the phil&teds Vibe! This isn’t a new stroller from phil&ted but it has had a few tweaks (such as a large seat!) to make it even better this year.


In the classic style of phil&teds, this is a versatile inline stroller that transforms from single to double! phil&teds pretty much invented the “inline” stroller after all, so you know that they do it well. The Vibe will have you pushing in style with its easy 3-wheel maneuverability.

The Vibe seat is reversible and now is bigger to accommodate children up to 41″ or 6 years old. Have two kids? Just add the doubles kit for twice the fun with a rear seat and it even fold WITH the second seat attached! Have twins? The Vibe does that too! Vibe now fits two infant car seats (at the same time, of course!), allowing you to travel with twins in tow even before they are old enough to ride in the rear seat. As a matter of fact, the Vibe has 23 riding options to give you the flexibility to take 2 newborns, or 2 toddlers and everything in between

Don’t have a ton of room to store a big, bulky stroller? No problem.  By simply pressing a lever, it folds to literally half its size!


The Vibe comes in 3 colors – black, cobalt (blue) and red! And you know what? One lucky winner is getting one of these bad boys!! And not only will they win the Vibe but they will win the DOUBLES KIT TOO!!


What’s up for grabs:

(1) phil&teds vibe stroller and doubles kit

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  1. I have been eyeing this stroller for a while now and can’t decide on a double for nothing! I would love to win this so i could give it a try, it seems like it might be the perfect solution to my big 3.5 yr old who LOVES the stroller and my new 4 month old! 🙂 fingers crossed!

  2. I would love to win because I could really use a stroller that has many different configurations for all my kids, yet is still all terrain. A must for city living!

  3. My wife and I really need a new stroller for our daughter and new baby. Mainly for the new baby, but also great to have room for when my daughter wants to ride.

  4. Thus would be a lot easier to post if you didn’t make us have to scroll all the way to the bottom first. It should be on top! Great stroller, too!

  5. I would love this stroller especially since it has a second seat. I really need a new stroller for my daughter and for when baby #2 gets here.

  6. I’ve been researching strollers non-stop. Tossing and turning on what one to buy. My husband and I are going to be fostering babies in the next few months. We are active and really did not want to buy two jogging strollers. One for a single and double. I love that this can be for one baby and then made into a double. That way my garage is not full of strollers! Would love to win this! It would be a blessing!

  7. oh so many reasons…the double option and the many options as a single stroller. I also like how compact it gets when folded.

  8. I would love to win this Vibe stroller for my 18 month old and our second baby! It’s stylish and versatile and love the options!

  9. I have three boys ages 3 and under, and only have a side by side umbrella stroller for them!! Would love an inline, car seat compatible one!!

  10. Would love to win this stroller, it would be perfect for trying to go out with baby once he is a bit bigger. Perfect for working out with mommy and daddy so the whole family can try to be healthier.

  11. I would love to win the vibe because I will be in need of a stroller with a second seat, any day now…I am almost a week overdue!

  12. I hear amazing things about Phil and Ted strollers. Would love this to take my little one and the pups for walks and love the second seat for the future little brother or sister!

  13. I would love a double that can handle the park better than what I have now. California is summer all year round this year and we would love to explore beyond the paved path.

  14. I love the flexibility of having it for 1 or 2 kids. Right now I have to use the double even if I only have one child. What a pain.

  15. I would love to win this for my sister-in-law, who is due with #2 in April. She will have 2 under 2 and does not have a double stroller.

  16. I would like to win this as a gift to my sister-in-law. She is expecting a baby boy in July and I know she would just love this!

  17. I just found out I’m pregnant again. This will definitely come in handy with the ability to use it as a single or double.

  18. I’d love to win this stroller because I’m needing a new one for the baby. Ours is so old, and it would be great to have a new one that could accommodate both baby and the 4 year old if need be.

  19. With a little on eon the way, I would be so thrilled to win a Phil & Teds compact double stroller! Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  20. I would loke to win because t=one of the wheels on my current stroller is about to fall off and winning this stroller would be awesome

  21. I’d love to replace my seven year old stroller with this one! I’ve never had a Phil & Teds, but I’ve heard great things about them and would enjoy trying one out with one of my two year olds and any future babies we may have. Thanks for the contest!

  22. I just had my second child in December and have a toddler. It would be great to only have one stroller to put both if them in!

  23. Perfect timing. First child coming soon and starting to look at the various strollers. Trying to think ahead and look at the ones that can accommodate 2 (when that is needed).

  24. We just welcomed our 3rd baby boy in the world this week, and would love to have the vibe for my newborn and his older brother. The Vibe’s main seat will be roomy enough for even my almost 5-year-old, in case his little feet get tired of walking when out and about 🙂

  25. My husband told me this year all I can enter to win is Stroller and Cloth Diapers, I try to win ever thing and anything. I would love to win a stroller before I have to go out and buy one they cost so much for what little time you can use them. If I would win this maybe my husband will let me enter more.

  26. I used a Britax B-ready for my first child, and gave it to a friend. Now that we need a stroller again, I wanted something different. This is the one I put on my wish list! Would love.

  27. This is an awesome stroller to be able to convert into a double! I definitely am going to need a double stroller with a 3 year old and another baby due next month!

  28. I would love to have this stroller to get in shape with my two smallest now that the weather is hopefully going to start warming up!

  29. Our number four is due to arrive any day, and the Vibe would sure be helpful for walks and trips, especially with the younger two!

  30. I would love to win this! I never win anything and now with 2 kids and one on the way I could really use a double stroller! 🙂

  31. I have 2 kiddos and we love trips to the zoo. Unfortunately my oldest cannot quite walk the whole time, so we require a double stroller. Would love one that’s not huge and bulky

  32. Love, love, love the older age accommodation! My son has a disability, so we are still regularly using a stroller but he keeps outgrowing the canopy/seat height. This stroller looks like it would be perfect!

  33. Would love this! I have a 2.5 year old and a new baby on the way. We go on long daily walks so the second seat would be a life saver!!!!

  34. Phil and Reds awesome adventure! This stroller looks amazing! Would love to have it to push around our neighborhood and the zoo instead of the cheap one that was already used w my almost 5yr old son. I’m due in April with our baby girl and this would b great to win:)

  35. I want to win this stroller because I need a double stroller that’s compact for when I take the kids and dog on a walk, to the zoo, or just out and about.

  36. I would love to win the vibe because I am using the same stroller with our baby girl that I used with our 10 year old son! It is old and clunky and I am so ready for a new one. We love to go for long walks and on the weekends go to festivals and fairs and this easily maneuverable stroller would be awesome to use with our 10 month old and our 3 year old daughters! Thank you so much for the chance 🙂

  37. I would love to win because I have 3 kids under 38 months old and my current double stroller is falling apart and it’s huge! I’m crossing my fingers!

  38. Love the quality and style of this stroller specially when it transfors to double stroller so easily it will be perfect for my 18monts old daughter and baby #4 due in june
    Thank you for the chance

  39. This stroller would be awesome for our 8 month old! We are using the same stroller we used for our other 3 children and it is 7 years. Would love this new stroller so we can retire our old one.

  40. I have a second baby on the way and we could really use this stroller. Our son loves taking walks with us and I would love to be able to carry two in one stroller.

  41. Would love to win this Phil & Ted’s – could use a single carriage that will come with a doubles kit when I want to take a walk & put my 2 little kids into it.

  42. I have never had a nice stroller and this one is amazing and I would love to have it! It would be great with spring around the corner:)

  43. My son is 17 days old and still no stroller. Phil and Teds are a high quality company and I would love to strut my baby in his nice ride ♥

  44. OMG, my son is outgrowing his JJ Cole Broadway and he is ONLY 8 months. This stroller would be AWESOME especially since we’re working on baby #2!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. My youngest 2 are 8 months and 2. I would LOVE an inline/convertible double for trhem. It would definitely give me the flexibility we need in our family of 6. 🙂

  46. The Vibe would be AMAZING for my little ones! I love that it transforms from single to double! Phil&Teds is such a reputable company with great products so I’m sure the Vibe will be no exception. =)

  47. This stroller looks fabulous! I can only imagine the possibilities if I owned it! I would love it, because my stroller weighs a TON!!

  48. The flexible seating of the Vibe would be perfect for my 2 little ones, especially now that my 3yo doesn’t always want to ride in the stroller. Love Phil & Teds, why a great stroller company!

  49. As a busy mom of 6, I need a stroller that is durable and dependable. This is exactly hat I am looking for. Thanks for the opportunity to win one since I’d never be able to afford one myself.

  50. Exactly what I need..My in-laws bought me a surprise stroller needless to say I absolutely hate it, its way to big and bulky I don’t even like looking at the thing. So my fingers are crossed , I wouldn’t cause any hurt feelings on winning a stroller!!

  51. I bought a cheaper double stroller when my second child was born, now at 4 kids I’m finding it’s too big, clunky and heavy for what I need. The vibe would be a perfect solution to my changing stroller needs!

  52. I love this, and it would be so helpful since we are at an age where my son rides in a stroller, but my daughter only wants to sometimes.

  53. We’re expecting our first any day now, and this stroller has so many of my dream stroller features! Would so love a single that converts to a double and the double has so many different positions for your kiddies!

  54. I love that the stroller lets you have a forward or front facing seat and since I am a nanny, the double seat would be so fantastic!

  55. I have been watching/reading your reviews for months now. My 2 are 2years and 4months old. This is my favorite stroller and am grateful for the chance to WIN it. We have been holding off on buying it since I’ll have no problem wearing/carrying our youngest for a little while longer. It’s also quite expensive and need to save up for it. Thanks for the chance to win this stroller and congratulations to whom ever wins. 🙂

  56. I love your video reviews, Holly. I am expecting a 3rd next month. Would love to cruise around in this new Phil & Ted’s and get some exercise this Spring!

  57. I’m going to be a 1st time mom in March to a little boy. I’ve been on been rest for a couple months so money has been tight. So I would so love to win this for my little prince 🙂 Thanks

  58. I got a Phil&Ted 8 years ago and I loved it. It was so durable, easy to use, smooth, and beautiful to look at. Now the Vibe is probably is all that and more.

  59. Id love to win because my stroller is really worn out. We are trying for #3, so it would be nice to have a brand new stroller for the little babe.

  60. I would LOVE to win this stroller! My favorite feature is how compact it folds! My husband has a small car and a stroller has never been able to fit!

  61. I would love to win because sometimes my 4 year old’s legs get tired, especially if we are out for more than a couple hours and he wants to ride in the stroller too! I love that this can hold bigger kids!

  62. With a new little one on the way due in August and a 3 year old boy holding my heart. I need to be able to keep my kids close together to bond with mommy and eachother. xoxo

  63. I’d love to win this to be able to easily push my son around places, like the zoo, once he gets too tired to walk- wagons are such a hassle. And I love that it comes with a doubles kit for baby #2!

  64. I would love this stroller for my two little ones. It would be nice to have a new stroller versus the refurbished one bought last year.

  65. Wow there are a lot of comments!! I would really love this since our second is on the way! I have been wondering how I am going to take them for walks this summer while my husband is doing his internship! This would be so helpful! Fingers crossed!!

  66. I would love to win this stroller for my 14 month old and second one hopefully growing well currently! The versatility, maneuverability and we can not forget the fold with second seat on are perfect for 2 little ones!

  67. I need a new stroller for my baby due in less then 2 weeks! This would be perfect with the ability to accommodate 2 kids, compact and maneuverability!

  68. I would love to win this stroller because I have a 9 month old and a 4 year old. I don’t always need a double, but would come in handy when the 4 year old just doesn’t want to walk anymore. Would be great for day outings and vacations! Love it!

  69. I am pregnant with baby # 3 and am blown away with how many ways you can use this stroller. Single, double, infant, toddler. It’s amazing! What an “all-in-one” deal!

  70. This stroller has everything you need and more and the wicked fold is spectacular! Living on a tight budget with a large family, this would be great for the new baby!

  71. The doubles kit option would be a great help with having multiple little ones. Also, it folds nice and compactly so it is easily put in the car.

  72. I would like to win this stroller because we are expecting our first baby in June and this stroller is so versatile and looks like it would meet all of our needs. Plus the doubles option would be great as we hope to have more than one 🙂

  73. I’d like to win the Vibe for my two-week old and her 2.5-yr old sister. (They are 2/5 of my children but the only stroller-riders!)

  74. Love this pram! a Beautiful in-line pram with the option to take one child or two. I love the colours and that the travel system can be customised to any individual circumstances (like two capsules for twins or a capsule and seat for different ages, etc) I also love the big basket. I would love to win this wonderful pram because of all of these amazing features and saves buying a new one when you have a second bub or drop down to just needing it for one child 🙂

  75. I take care of my little grandchildren during the work week and would love to win the phil&teds Vibe stroller so I can take them for walks in the neighborhood and to the park.

  76. I would love to win one because we don’t have a stroller yet for our soon to be. We seem to only like the higher prices ones and can’t afford them.

  77. I would love this! I’m getting ready to have my first baby within the week, and I currently only have a hand-me-down stroller to use for him.

  78. We are hoping to have another addition to the family soon and would love the double feature. It looks so streamlined. My 1 year old would love it!

  79. Now that I’ve just added baby #4 to the mix, traveling has been a challenge. Even to the grocery store. I usually drive circles throughout the parking lot in hopes to find a dual seated cart for my toddlers ( I wear my newborn in a carrier). I’m usually never that lucky. My oldest walks my oldest toddler in the stroller, I push the cart with my other toddler and wear my baby. Needless to say, I’m beyond exhausted whenever venturing out of the house and we look like a hot unorganized mess. This would allow me to purchase the add on for another child making it a dual stroller and would most definitely organize my children while out of the house. Thanks for another great review and giveaway!

  80. So versatile, this looks perfect for my little tribe. All of my 3 little ones would fit comfortably (not at the same time)

  81. Would be great for my toddler who still gets tired on long walks and my 6 month old boy. We are using a single system that was bought for our first baby so would love to update.

  82. I’d like to win this because I love the Phil & Teds brand, the overall look, and with 4 kids, we need another double stroller.

  83. Phil and Teds is the best they gets such great reviews. This would be THE stroller I’d love to have for my two little guys.

  84. I would love to win this because I have 2 little ones! When one is in the stroller the other complains about walking. This would be so helpful and such a blessing!

  85. I’d like to win it because we are expecting #2 in May and it’s versatility as a single/double would make it great for our growing family since we have a 2.5 yr old also who won’t want to be pushed all the time.

  86. We have a p&t sport that we have loved for the past 5 years. That thing is a tank. I could NOT have survived 3 kids without it. Now that our youngest is edging up on 1yr, i am ready for an upgrade! Come to me, sweet VIBE!!!

  87. I’d love this stroller to use at Disney World in the fall. Plus, if we have a second child, it looks like it’d be perfect for the baby and our small toddler/preschooler (depending on timing!).

  88. I would love this because we do not have a stroller, and we would love to be able to have such a good quality stroller that also can become a double!

  89. I would love this for my new baby on the way. Cool stroller!! It’s been five years since our last child and this is a beautiful upgrade!! Love that it’s lightweight and super cool for the park or just schlepping my daughter to dance!!

  90. This would be perfect for our family! I’m due in July and would definitely use the stroller for my 3yr old and the new baby all at once!

  91. I heard the vibe is durable and sturdy.. we definitely need a new stroller with these features.. our toddler is getting big and it would be great for the city!

  92. This is the ONE you would need to make it through (and some of us couldn’t really swing the price without winning it) so i think it is pretty coveted!! xx

  93. I would love to win because we have a toddler and are planning for baby #2. Our daughter will be almost 3 by the time he or she gets here, so we won’t “need” a double stroller for a lot of occasions, but there will definitely be longer outings and trips where it is a necessity. The fact that this stroller can be used as a single or a double makes it perfect for us!

  94. I would love to win the Vibe because our family is expanding soon and we will be in need of a stroller for two. Plus it’s super cute!

  95. Expecting my first in May! Would love to have a stroller that hubby and I can take on hikes, yet also walk around the block in. Not to mention, the ability to grow with our family when we are ready for the next addition. One stroller that does all of that? Yes, please?! 😉

  96. I would love to win because the stroller looks awesome to start with and there’s many way to use it. I love the all terrain tires and easy fold.

  97. I would love to win this stroller. We have a new addition on the way and the only stroller I have is over seven years old! I need something new to keep up with my little ones. 🙂

  98. This stroller would be perfect for my two grand children to ride in. I would like to stroll them to the park but one person can’t navigate two stroller so this stroller would be perfect for the job. I can stroll them both together in this amazing stroller =)

  99. I’m just starting my home study for foster to adopt and need to get myself a car seat before I finish and have been researching and researching strollers, so it would be great to win one and have one less thing to figure out!

  100. I just LOVE how this stroller is so versatile. This stroller is just PERFECT! I can’t change it up to suit my needs at the time and the best part is that it folds up half the size definitely a PLUS

  101. I need a stroller for my son…we have yet to purchase one an this would be awesome because if i decide to have a second child i can add him/her in it too!

  102. I would LOVE to win! I am due in less than 3 months, and we have been dreaming about a Phil and Teds Stroller! Being in Hawaii, there is no place to physically see it in person, and it makes us so sad! We are getting one either way, but would LOVE to win one! Thanks for the chance to win, and for helping us figure out what things we want/need for when the baby comes!!

  103. I’m pretty amazed with thee versatility of this stroller! We currently only have 1 baby of our own but I nanny for a 6 month old and love how you can easily adjust it to fit two! It’s still easy to fold and take with us whenever we go for an adventure!! Would love to try this out!

  104. I would LOVE to win this for a dear friend, who has a baby due in March. and a two year old. They are a very active family. They participate in many activities. And they go to the park on a regular basis. This would be perfect for the days when the two year old doesnt feel like running and playing, and Mommy will still be able to get her exercise in. She can just put them both in the stroller and run with it!!

  105. My friend has a Phil & Ted (with a doubles kit) and it is absolutely awesome! I love my stroller but am looking for one with a doubles kit =) and these guys are definitely the best.

  106. I love that it can be easily stored, the seats bigger, it’s nice and durable looking, and would definitely come in handy when I take my kids out.

  107. We are headed to Disney World later this year with our 1 year old daughter! A top of the line stroller like this would be a perfect fit to make our trip that much easier!

  108. I would love to win this for my son! The stroller we have now is bulky and hard to maneuver. It would be awesome to have a stroller that allows him to face me as well!

  109. I love that it can be configured so many different ways. I’d love to win this for my sister who’s trying for her second baby. Her current stroller is too big to be useful.

  110. Id love the VIBE! I like how it can be a double stroller and its not wide or super long! Still can take it shopping and not knock things down and fit through isles 🙂

  111. Awesome stroller. We are always on the go. This would definitely make sure my 3 little ones can be comfortable on our journeys.

  112. Ive got two little ones that are 20 months apart and we live in North Dakota with a TON of snow and ice. This stroller seems like it would handle the elements well!

  113. I would love to win the stroller for my best friend and me. So when she comes to visit…which is a fair amount we can stroll around town with one stroller.

  114. I am due this summer with our first and I would love to win this to help out with all the things we’ll be needing. But even more so, one of my best friends is due six weeks before me with her third! So I’d love to win this for her!

  115. We are about to be grandparents for the first time, although we do watch another infant now. We need a better stroller solution and this one looks perfect!

  116. The Phil & Teds vibe seems to be such an amazing stroller. I would love to walk around and push mu daughter in something so beautiful!

  117. I LOVE this stroller!! I have been looking for a good double stroller that is lightweight and will fold up small!! I have two toddlers on my hands and this stroller would be so perfect!!!!!!!

  118. I would LOVE to win because I have 2 toddlers! Or for my sister who is having her first in Aug. And could end up sharing a birthday with me!

  119. I’ve wanted a Phil&Teds stroller since I became a mama 2 1/2 years ago, but I’d never be able to afford one…I hope we win!!

  120. We’ve had the same stroller for 7 years, since our oldest was born. I’d love a new one for my daughter, she’s #4 so she’s had mostly hand-me-downs 🙂

  121. I’d love to win the Vibe stroller because my husband and I are on a very tight budget and had to cut off the stroller from our buy list.

  122. After 3 kids of my own and running a home daycare for the past 4 years, I’ve come to realize that cheap strollers don’t last very long. This would be GREAT for me !!

  123. I have three kids with my youngest being 9 months. I would love this stroller so we can get rid of the three singles that we have and free up some storage space.

  124. I would love to win this for my husband and our baby who is due March 1st. My husband would love this as it’s soo sporty and sharp looking. They would have hours of quality time together on walks!!!

  125. Would love to win this stroller so I can hit the pavement with both my little girlies when the weather warms up a bit. Been working hard this winter to get in better shape to keep up with them and can’t wait to take the show on the actual road!

  126. My daughter just announced she is having her second baby and this would make a wonderful gift for her. I appreciate the opportunity to win this marvelous stroller.

  127. With 4 kids ages 5 and under, I am sure we would use the Vibe stroller for everything from shopping for groceries, to traveling by plane!

  128. Let me try this again.. I have been looking at this stroller awhile. I have 2 children and we do a lot of traveling in large crowds so something compact enough like this would put my mind at ease!

  129. After 3 years or hard use, my stroller is getting a little run down. I’d love to win a stroller to avoid the added expense of buying a double…baby in 9 weeks and one 18 months older than the new.

  130. I really need a stroller for my little for the summer. She’s almost 14 months now and getting a little heavy to just carry like I did last summer. Unfortunately something this nice is nowhere near our budget, so winning one would be amazing!

  131. This stroller has been on my vision board for a while!! I bought a second hand stroller, that is good, but this one is the one! everyone needs to watch the BG video on it (that’s how I got my second hand one too- it’s like car shopping!)

  132. I would love to win this for my boy esp my autistic son he needs a new one we would benefit from this 🙂 it looks like an amazing stroller

  133. My girlfriend is 20 weeks preggo with twins. I would love to give her something awesome but would never be able to afford something like a phil & ted’s. It would be fantastic to win it for them.

  134. This would be a wonderful addition to my family as we are 1 day overdue with our 4th son. This mama will have her hands full and a stroller like this would help bring calm into my world 🙂

  135. We spend a lot of time out on the soccer fields with 3 kids playing. This stroller would be awesome for trekking across the fields. You have no idea how many wheels we’ve busted over the years on difficult terrain. This stroller would definately hold up for our busy life!

  136. Would love to win this..i need a new stroller..right now i bought a second hand stroller would love this for my son..we are going on a trip this april to myrtle beach..thanks for the chance.

  137. With a due date of March 25, this would be great! I can just see all those wonderful late spring and summer walks with the baby..cant you?

  138. This Vibe stroller looks and sounds awesome! Would love to win this, as our current stroller is broken. The option of carrying 2 children is great…I foresee another baby in our future;)

  139. I would like to win this stroller so my son and I can spend lots of time outdoors exercising and enjoying the fresh air this spring and summer!

  140. I would love to win this stroller because I have wanted a really nice stroller for quite some time now and because my youngest two could really get a lot of use out of this and so would any future babies! I enter many contests for a new stroller and would love to win one! I love how much easier this stroller is to push than many other strollers on the market and I love the big wheels and that it isn’t as heavy as it looks! Thank you for the chance to win! 🙂

  141. I no longer need a double stroller (which is my nicer stroller!) I’d love to upgrade my single stroller and ditch the subpar single stroller I own. I’d love to not lug around the double when a single would work 🙂

  142. I’d love to win this to have a good, sturdy, reliable stroller to keep in my car for running errands and going on walks with my kiddos. Thanks for the giveaway!

  143. With a 9 month old, 2 year old, and just found out another is on the way… we could really make use of this awesome stroller!!

  144. I would love to win to have an extra stroller that can be single or double. we have a side by side double right now, that can be annoying if only one kid wants to ride.

  145. I have wanted one of these for years but couldn’t afford one! I would love to win one to use for my baby (14 months) and my first grandbaby (due in the fall!)!

  146. I’d love to win because we have a little one on the way and this would be a great option for our growing family! We could use it for our three year old and soon-to-be newborn and then any future little ones to come 🙂

  147. Thanks for the giveaway!!! With four kids, our strollers have been through a LOT! A new one would be amazing. And clean. 🙂

  148. because the stroller I used for my son 6 years ago has seen better days. And the improvements since then make my stroller look like a pinto!

  149. This would be perfect for my toddler and infant. My toddler is rather big for his age, so the new, bigger seat would be great for him. In his current stroller the top of his head already touches the hood:(
    We live in a small apartment, so we need something that folds down small, and not a tank that takes up half of the hallway.
    The new blue color is beautiful:)

  150. I would love to win this, so I can get rid of my cheapie little umbrella stroller. We’re trying for #2 now so this stroller with the doubler kit could come in handy for us ,hopefully soon!

  151. We only have a jog stroller, which is great! This would be so much easier for shopping the jog stroller is really bulky and hard to maneuver around small stores.

  152. This looks awesome!! I have a 5 yo and a 6 month old so it’s hard to find a stroller that could accommodate my big 5 yo who still wants to ride.

  153. With my second baby expected in May – I will have 2 under 20 months. A double stroller is a must and this one looks like it would be easy to use

  154. I would love to win this stroller for our future baby. I’ve never had an expensive/durable stroller, this would have amazing to win!

  155. With a 4 month old and a three year old this would be perfect! And the fact that it folds into half it’s size I great too because we ride the subway a lot.

  156. I think it is a must to have a very good stroller which is going to be able to cover all your needs as a mother to protect your little one when taking them out into the world. I don´t believe in having 3 or more strollers one for this or that, I believe in having one good one for everything, and this is why I´d like to win this one. So thanks for the opportunity and lets cross some fingers for luck. 😀


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