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The Phrase That Helped Me Love My Mom Bod

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Obviously fitness and health are important. Being in (at least relatively) healthy shape is essential if we want to be around when our kids are having their own kids. We need to take smart actions and make smart choices right now in order to defend against the big stuff that might, or will, come later down the road. High blood pressure or cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, thyroid diseases—we don’t know what will hit us so we need to prepare.

That’s why I work out 3-5 times a week and basically force-feed myself the veggies I hate so much. I count my calories (on days when I’m motivated) and I use a Fit Bit to track my steps, making sure to not spend too much time sitting during the day. But despite all this, I am still soft in many areas. My arms are getting toned and my boobs are taking the brunt of the fat loss (much to my husband’s dismay), but my stomach and thighs still jiggle with real life. And when I try on new clothes, they mostly fit like I want but there’s still that random lump here and there that keep me from actually buying the item.

mom bod

I used to fight all of this. I used to let that lump of love handle bring me down. I used to stress over every pound I gained and torment myself with every bad food choice I made. I never gave myself any slack and definitely never allowed myself to be real with my mom bod. And when I began actually trying to be healthier a few months ago, I got so discouraged when all my healthy habits weren’t getting me the results I specifically wanted. Why was I punishing myself with weeks-worth meal preps and 5 AM workouts if my mom bod was still happily jiggling away? I was miserable as I tried to get rid of any evidence that I had had two babies and wasn’t 19 anymore. But then I read something one day that totally changed my attitude:

Don’t miss out on 95% of your life to weigh 5% less.

Yes, I try to be healthy. But now, I also allow myself to enjoy the body I have today. I actively choose to focus on how my “soft” mom bod is a good thing because I’m a real human, who has made two other humans, and they enjoy cuddling a slightly squishy mommy. I’m done squeezing in the food prep that stresses me out more than helps me, and I’m done with those meals being so low fat and calorie that I’m having taste withdrawals! I don’t want to do all that anymore just so I can weigh that 5% less. If I create balance and maintain healthy habits but that mommy pooch and jiggly thighs aren’t going completely away, I’m going to own that.

I choose that 95%. I choose my soft mom bod.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.