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Places To Take Mom For Mother’s Day

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Presents are amazing, but taking the oncall 24/7, special mommy somewhere creative and fun for Mother’s Day is even better! So we’ve rounded up some wonderful ideas of where to take her on this day that’s all about honoring the wonderful things she does all year round!

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Picnic lunch. Pack a fancy picnic lunch (don’t make mom help with anything) and take Mom to the park for a nice, relaxing lunch.

The Beach. Live near the water? Spend the day soaking up the sunshine and sand!

Mall. Forgot to give mom a present this year or have a mom who is picky or already seems to have everything? Take her to the mall to do some shopping! I know I would love this one!

Spa. Take mom to the spa for the day! Let her pick a massage or facial and get a few hours of relaxation in. Or dads, take the kods and allow mom to take a few hours alone to get pampered.

Nail salon. How about treating mom to a manicure and pedicure this year?

Tea time. Have a cake loving mom? Let her snack on some high tea and scones in the afternoon at a fancy hotel or patisserie!

Pottery store. For creative, arty mommies, places like Color Me Mine let you create and paint one of a kind pieces so you can all create something special for mom.

Restaurants. An old favorite- take her to her favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner!

Museum. Does the mom in your life have a favorite museum or indoor activity? Take her!

Dancing. Take mom to a dance class for the day and learn to tango or do the jive!

Movie. Go to the theater and see the movie of her choice. Don’t forget to buy her a jumbo popcorn and soda.

Outdoor adventure. Have a mom who likes to stay active? Do some outdoor adventuring like taking her on a fun family bike ride or a gentle hike. Surprise her with a gift while you’re there!

Exploring. Simply go exploring in  your city! Window shop, take a walk, check out a juice bar, grab a coffee!

Remember that the most important thing on Mother’s Day is showing the mothers in your life how much you love and appreciate them. Spending time with them is the greatest gift you could ever give. 🙂

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.