Play All Day Elmo Toy (VIDEO)

Play All Day Elmo

We all know that Elmo is one popular guy in the toddler circles. The fuzzy red fur. His outgoing personality. THAT laugh. It has worked his way into homes and heart everywhere.

Each year, a new Elmo toy hits the market that becomes the must-have gift of the holiday season. This year, they have announced the newest (and best so far!) Elmo that will be hitting shelves this Fall. Yes, you need to know about this now so that you can grab one before they fly off the shelves and you find yourself scouring Ebay for the Elmo that your child HAS TO HAVE!

We teamed up with our great friend Natalie from Twiniversity to introduce you to Play All Day Elmo.  By the way, if you have twins or are having twins,  you NEED to know about Twiniversity if you don’t already! She is AMAZING! She rules the twin community!