Playskool Elmo Play All Day Review

Calling all Elmo lovers! What is it about that red furry guy that drives babies and toddlers wild?! My daughter, like nearly every other baby on earth, is obsessed with Elmo. What is especially funny to me is she has no desire in watching TV otherwise! But if Elmo is on, watch out. She can’t get enough! Naturally, I wanted to get her an Elmo doll for Christmas this year. After research, I chose the Playskool Elmo Play All Day toy. Check out my review below.elmo

Playskool Elmo Play All Day

The Playskool Elmo Play All Day toy is not exactly a stuffed animal. Elmo’s head is quite large and heavy!  It houses the “computer” inside the toy. He is 20 inches long which is big. The toy is designed to be very interactive, which is a unique feature compared to other Elmo stuffed animals! It includes 8 games and over 150 phrases and responses to keep kids active and engaged.


Elmo Play All Day has two modes: toddler and preschool. While my daughter is on the young end of the toy (it’s recommended for 18 months+ and she is 16 months) I tend to keep it on the older ‘preschool’ mode. I find this mode has more features and games. However, both modes have cute cause and effect games built in, like tickling Elmo’s belly or squeezing his nose.


Another reason I leave Elmo on preschool mode is for my son, who is 3.5 years old. He loves the games Elmo plays, like Freeze Dance and Red Light Green Light. My daughter doesn’t exactly know what’s going on, since she’s so young, but she loves to dance! So she plays along 🙂


My kids aren’t very cuddly, but if yours are, Elmo Play All Day also doubles as a cuddle buddy. It will play a lullaby or two to help your child rest. This is helpful for kids who like to snuggle with a stuffed animal to fall asleep. Overall, it’s a huge hit with little ones!

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