Playtex The First Lil’ Grippers Straw Trainer Cup

We are a straw sippy type of family. I don’t know why but my kids prefer the straws to the tip/suck out the valve kinds. Well, let me rephrase that. When my kids first were introduced to a sippy cup (around 8 months), they preferred the straw sippys. Now that my 2nd son is 3.5, he still uses a straw sippy cup but is transitioning to a regular cup. I have a slight inkling it’s because my boys hardly (if ever) drank from a bottle. They were breast to sippy babies. Tipping a cup is pretty foreign to a baby learning to use a sippy for the first time when they’ve never had to tip their head back. Know what I mean?

When Playtex sent up their new Lil Grippers Straw Trainer Cup, I knew my 1-year-old would dig it, and he did. He loves the handles and the fact that he can open and close the slider on his own! PS I love this fact, too. No more whining when he feels the need to take a drink! I also love that the straw is in the middle of the lid, as it tends to stay cleaner.

The First Lil’ Grippers Straw Trainer Cup is the ideal cup for babies transitioning from bottles (or breast) to cups. As the first squeezable straw trainer cup on the market, this easy-to-use cup was designed with a child development expert to help moms teach their babies how to suck and drink from a straw. Since it’s a skill that many infants already possess, the natural motion of drinking from a straw serves as an easy transition for an infant after coming off of the bottle (or breast).

The squeeze feature is really kind of neat. It’s not a squeeze and the sippy leaks all over the place like a volcano type thing rather, it brings the liquid to the top of the straw giving baby a taste; which in turn entices baby to suck and get more!

The base of the sippy isn’t much bigger than a standard size- I was able to fit it in my car cup holders, Maclaren Universal Organizer and BOB Parent Console. It is a rectangle-shaped base so it might not fit in some stroller tray cup holders (which most sippys don’t anyway).

If I could give one piece of advice, follow the cleaning and assembly instructions. It may look like a sippy that you can pop out of the packaging, clean and it’s ready to go but there are a few key points that really matter when it comes to assembly and storing between drinks. Namely, make sure the Twist ‘n Click is properly engaged (see below for instructions) and make sure you close the slider on the top if you plan to put it in the diaper bag or stroller. I found that depending on the weather (no joke… I think it has something to do with air pressure), it will leak a tiny bit it the slider if not in the closed position. Another thing to remember – when assembling the sippy, make sure you pinch the valve open to ensure it works properly. I didn’t do this a few times (I was trying to be a rebel) and although I didn’t notice a difference, I like to follow directions.

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  • Designed for children transitioning from a bottle
  • Squeezable cup helps moms and dads teach children how to drink through a straw
  • Designed especially for a child’s grip
  • Twist ‘n Click Leak-Proof Guaranteed seal
  • Available in purple, green, blue and pink



  • Designed by a child-development expert
  • Contoured for easy gripping
  • Sipease valve provides Spill-Proof Guaranteed protection
  • Twist ‘n Click™ technology provides Spill-Proof Guaranteed protection
  • BPA-free and Phthalate-free


How does the Twist ‘n Click™ cup work?

For a Guaranteed Leak-Proof seal, twist lid closed until you hear/feel the click and you see the arrow on lid point anywhere within the zone marked on the cup rim.For straw cups, close the slider on the top of the cup to store the straw, keep it clean to help ensure best performance.Do not use cups with carbonated beverages or pulpy juices. Do not use cups in the microwave.
How do I clean and assemble these cups?

Step 1: Clean the cup before first use and immediately after each use. Cleaning instructions: The cup, lid, and straw are top rack dishwasher safe, away from the heat source, or are hand washable. Remove  both straw pieces and open the valve connected to the short straw. For the First Lil’ Gripper™ Cup, separate the top from the bottom straw, from the lid before washing. Avoid use of abrasive cleaners.

Step 2: For cups with straws, after cleaning, pinch attached valve to open slit before reinserting it back into the end of the short straw. Then reinsert short straw though bottom of lid and attach long straw onto end of valve. For the First Lil’ Gripper™ Cup, attach long straw into top straw.

Step 3: After filling the cup, screw lid on tightly by twisting until the arrows line up and you hear/feel the click.