Police Photobombing & Cabin in the Woods UPDATE (VIDEO)

Photo Bomb

Okay, so I’ve not had time to really do an update video lately because June was completely crazy. Not only were we living in my parent’s home for 2 weeks at the beginning of the month but then we made a 12 hour drive from St. Louis to the East Coast. When we got to the East Coast, we hit Myrtle Beach, then flew down to Fort Lauderdale to hop on an 8-day press trip cruise and then finally got the keys to our new house that we’ve been waiting to get for 6 months.

Plus, that’s wasn’t even it! After being in our house for 3 days, we left again to meet my family in the West Virginia mountains for a 3-day 4th of July getaway.

What did I tell you? My life right now is cray-cray!

This morning I took a few minutes to sit down, breathe, and do an update video for you! Yes, it is about police photobombing and a cabin in the woods.

This is a must-see video. 😉


  1. Please tell me where this cabin in WV was….It looks so familiar as we also have stayed at a cabin in the woods of WV


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