Posh Tots Sticker Shock

Never mind how much is that doggie in the window.  Or if you are truly unfazed by hefty price tags, boy do I have a bridge to sell you!

As parents, we want the best for our offspring.  That often means sacrificing and doing without for ourselves to give to our children.  However, online retailer Posh Tot’s high-end playhouses are beyond outrageous unless you truly have money to burn.  (I can not even calculate how many blog posts I’d have to write to even be able to afford the taxes and/or shipping for one of these monstrosities)  Buyers beware and I mean that with all seriousness:

Sophie’s Magical Windmill Playhouse ($38,000 & no, this is NOT a typo)

Inflation is one thing, and the price of hot dogs, bubble gum and going to the movies have greatly increased but this seriously costs more than my parents bought our three bedroom, 1.5 bathroom suburban home in a good neighborhood that we grew up in.  Granted my childhood home didn’t have an windmill or such a lovely reading loft.

Red Beards Revenge Pirate Ship Playhouse : Ultimate Posh at ($52,000.00 and yes, that is the correct amount of zeros!)

Ahoy mates!  Hands down this has got to be one of the most grand and impressive playsets for your very own little captain!  Who wouldn’t get a thrill role playing in this handcrafted pirate vessel which is 18 ft from bow to stern, 11 ft from side to side, and 12 ft tall.  The ship comes complete with captain’s quarters, upper and lower decks, and a handcrafted crow’s nest for spotting trouble on the high seas.  The Captain’s quarters has enough room for the benefactor who shelled out the big bucks, along with 3 additional seated adults to show off to, and features leatherette-cushioned benches that double as sleeping bunks, a working door, waterproof recycled composite roof and ample storage space. Other features include 17 windows and peepholes, cannonball-riddled mast and rigging, carved wolf figurehead and ornate helm and rudder.

Custom Home Replica Playhouse : Ultimate Posh at PoshTots

WARNING:  This one is clearly so astronomically expensive that the price is only available upon request!  This amazing playhouse can be built as pictured or modeled to match your own home. Astounding details highlight the quality construction to provide a one-of-a-kind play home for your little daydreamers.  Imagine the fun you’ll have furnishing this new play haven with your favorite children’s decor to make a regal home of their own. Talented artisans will travel to you home and build your playhouse to ensure that every detail is replicated with exquisite precision.

Olde Firehouse Playhouse : Indulge Them at PoshTots (a mere $6,200)

But never fear, if the economy has hit your family hard and your hefty bonus isn’t quite what it used to be, you can grab one of these bad boys for a mere $6,200.  (What a bargain!)  The Olde Firehouse is the perfect playhome for little firefighters. The second floor loft area serves as the firefighters’ quarters with stairs and a fire pole to reach the first floor. Complete with fire hose, alarm bell and a skylight. Playhouse comes painted in a color trio of red, white, and gray/blue. Recommended for children 2-10 years old. Base is 6’D x 8’W (similar to a house deck); bottom of base to peak 108″H; floor to bottom of loft 52″H; garage door height 47″; side door height 48″. Shipped as pre-fabricated panels which fasten together. All 12″ x 20″ windows open (arched or palladian windows do not open).

Hmmmmm, suddenly my classic Channel bag doesn’t seem like such an outrageous extravagance!  If anyone in your playgroup happens to have any of the above, please extend an invitation for me and my son to join.  We’ll be ready when you send the lear jet!