Pottery Barn Doll “My First” Stroller


Here’s how I approached doll stroller gift shopping for my daughter: Can you push it? Yes? Sold.

Here’s how she approached doll stroller shopping: “I want the pink and grey one in the store!!!”

Yes, thanks to my husband taking my children on an impromptu trip inside a Pottety Barn Kids store, all I heard was “Pink and grey stroller!” on repeat. But $49 for a doll? That was a little much to me. Does your “baby” really need a sunshade, seatbelt and foot rest?!

Apparently, she does. It was my daughter’s gift, so we went with it. I must say though, I’m glad we did for a few reasons. Firstly, height is an issue. We tried some out that were just too low for her, and she had to hunch to push. This was a deal breaker. The Doll “My First” Stroller is 22″ tall, making it perfect for my 4 year old and her 2 year old brother (oh yes, he has been pushing this thing around too). Secondly, it is lightweight and easy to maneuver. This proves important when you’re walking alongside a fast-paced mommy! Third, the basket under the seat is perfect for storing snacks and water bottles, or a pretend diaper bag.

This is how every child goes to Ikea, right? Princess dress and doll stroller? Thought so.

An added bonus of this stroller (and yes, I realize I probably sound like Hollie when I say this) is that it has a compact fold! It’s easy to do and great for storing it at home or in the car to take to Ikea’s (see photo above). It’s been with us for almost a month now and is getting a LOT of use. We really recommend for little ones. 🙂

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