Potty Training Accessories and Tips

Potty talk, potty training, cheer leading and washing hands… the four main things on my mind right now. Thankfully there are tools and tricks that assist parents (and children) on this journey… cause it’s much appreciated.

Piddle Pad– Yes these are great for newborn blowouts but what about potty training kids? Yep. They are perfect. The car is a prime spot for an accident. Especially with the ones that don’t tell you until they have to go.. like now. One less thing to wash? Yes, please.


The Potty Watch– Set the timer to remind your child that it’s time to “try”! The Potty Watch also helps to keep children on the potty long enough. I haven’t used this personally but with having three kids (and a huge case of Mommy Brain) it sounds like a pretty neat little helper for the price.


Kitchen Timer- A cheap and easy alternative to the Potty Watch, while at home especially, is to set your kitchen timer or get a fun timer that you can take with you all over the house (and even while out and about).


Lollipops– I’m not one to give lollipops every single time there’s a successful trip to the potty but I do carry them with me for special times. A special time is when my son doesn’t have an accident while we are at the gym or is able to use the restroom while at a store. He’s leery of public restrooms so this works really well for him.

Stickers– This is the easiest reward, especially if your child has a love for stickers! Pick out some really cool stickers (favorite characters, animals, etc) and mix them up with “Good Job” stickers to either give to your child or to place on a Potty Chart. Visuals are always helpful for young children since they can see their results as the day and/or week goes by. A visual creates a sense of pride for children learning something new.


I Go Potty App– Support for parents is also important! Pull Ups provides a large section on their website devoted strictly to helping parents with tips, advice and ideas. They also have a digital version of the rewards system via a Smart Phone App.

Printables– You can find coloring pages (you can even make them with blank paper and a sharpie) all over the internet! After a long morning of errands or a successful day of using the potty, I like to give my preschooler a new coloring page. He loves it and has a lot of fun… he also has caught on to the fact that he gets a new one every day if he uses the potty.

The Potty Hook– The Potty Hook is my new best friend. I love that I have a designated place to put the potty seat. My son always knows where his seat is and can put the seat back on his own.

Tinkle Targets– This cracks me up but after hearing “I want to pee like Daddy” I have to admit, I kinda want to get some!

The Potty Train– Clearly I have a train lover and if you do too, this book is classic!

BabyBjorn Safe Step– I have a few different potty stools around the house but I like this one because of its clean and simple look. I also use it as a seat while my son is “trying”.