Potty Training Hits Whole New Level With The iPotty!

Did you ever watch the episode of Friends where Phoebe had a client that said before she died, she wanted to “see everything?” Well, I no longer have that problem. Because now I’ve seen it all.

Photo soure: Instagram user a moneyondabeat
Photo source: Instagram user amoneyondabeat

Moms and Dads, let me introduce you to the iPotty. Yep, I said it- iPotty. Because how could you not link an iPad to the place where you poop? Or more accurately, the place where your toddler poops?

This beauty was revealed at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show by CTA Digital, makers of iPad and Kindle accessories, and will be available in February. Here it is, in all it’s electronic-mixed-with-human-waste glory. It’s such a simple yet genius idea I don’t know why someone didn’t come up with it earlier! Parents across the country who have sat with their toddlers for endless amounts of time repeating in their heads “Just pee damn it, just PEE!!!” can now relax as the bathroom becomes a place of laughter, by watching and singing along to “I love you, you love me, it’s now time for us to pee…”

Photo source: Gifts.com
Photo source: Gifts.com

Worried about dirty fingers sliding across an expensively clean screen? Oh please, the makers of this thought of everything! This $39.99 potty comes with a poop guard, of course! Okay, it’s not called a poop guard, but that’s what I like to call it. The iPotty does come with a screen protector so none of your little one’s waste gets, um, wasted on your iPad.

So as always, we are interested in what YOU think! Would you buy this? Are you going through potty training and think this would help? Or do you think kids already get enough screen time? Tell us your thoughts!