Pound! Pound! Roll…

If you’re looking for a toy that’s sure to be a hit (pun intended) look no further! The Melissa and Doug Pound and Roll Tower is a small and colorful tower that comes with four brightly colored wooden balls and a wooden hammer. You place the balls in the holes at the top so they sit in a plastic ring, and after a few hits with the hammer, watch the balls roll down!

The pounding of the balls is great for hand-eye coordination, and when your child realizes what happens when the ball gets hit enough times, it will be another one of their many cause and effect lessons.

No batteries required, no music, just prepare for yourself for some banging sounds. Melissa and Doug recommend this toy for ages 2 years plus, so my daughter is a little young for it at 17 months, but she really enjoys watching the balls roll down after she’s been pounding them. However, she has thrown the balls at me a few times, so be careful of this.

Wooden balls + wooden hammer + toddlers = Dangerous combo

And because it’s wood, and your child is constantly hitting it, be prepared for a few small dents here and there on the top part of the tower. The Melissa and Doug website list some extension activities for this toy as:

  • Identify the color name of one of the balls and roll it toward the child. Ask him/her to repeat the color name and roll it back to you. Repeat the activity using the different colored balls.
  • Count the number of balls, asking your child to repeat each number after you.
  • Ask the child to place each ball in the hole by its matching color column.
  • Ask the child to pound the balls through the holes in a specific color order.
  • Ask the child to pound a specific number of balls through the holes. Repeat the activity until the child is able to understand numbers one through four.

So it’s not just for pounding 🙂 I am sure your toddler will love this toy!

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