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Tackling To-Dos Before the Baby Comes

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Spending quality time with my littlest (for now) one

As of today, I’ve got 18 weeks left until my due date. A whopping 126 days, give or take, to accomplish everything I need to do before this baby comes.  After going through my older sons’ baby clothes stash and donating everything that was super-masculine, I’ve got very little left for this baby girl—which leads to one of my top priorities: shopping. Here’s what I’ve got on my to-do list thus far, but I’m sure you can help remind me of some important stuff I’m forgetting:

1. Shop for baby girl clothes (I know, I know—totally not a drag)

2. Investigate newborn cloth diapers (I started cloth diapering when our second son was a toddler, so we have lots of one-size dipes that will fit when she’s a few months old but will be too big at the beginning)—I’m just leaning toward the most economical option of prefolds and covers

3. Figure out what to do with the nursery (It was our second son’s room—and my husband has already put his foot down about any expensive changes to it, so I’ve got to work with what we’ve got, including bright green walls—and I know, I know, painting isn’t expensive, but we’re not great DIYers…)

4. Buy the birth kit my homebirth midwives instructed me to (Totally not urgent—just need to have it in place, along with assorted other supplies by 37 weeks)

5. Pick a name (or at least narrow it down to a few—we’ve pretty much settled on Hope for a middle name, in memory of my mom, Heather Hope)

6. Talk to our sons a bit more about birth and what labor might look like—since we’re doing a homebirth and I’m due right around the holidays, there’s a good chance they’ll be around when the baby comes. I’m going to leave it up to them as to whether or not they want to be there for any part of it, assuming everything is going OK.

7. Do some Kegels! Seriously, my pelvic floor needs some help.

8. Spend some QT with my sons individually. This baby is going to change things for a while–especially for my younger son who’s used to being the baby of the family–and I want to make sure they know how important they are to me (and do it while I have time to show them that!)

9. And, um, make a birth playlist. Totally unnecessary, but I kind of loved having music that made me happy during the early stages of labor last time around. After that, I wanted everyone and everything SILENT (except for me—I was allowed to scream).

Things I’ve already checked off: I’ve still got most of the baby gear we had the first two times—a stroller, baby bathtub, carriers, etc. I’ve got my pump and a few other things still out on loan, but I’m sure I’ll have them back with time to spare (and I’m debating getting a new pump anyway—mine is from 2007, and I never loved it). I’ve also already checked the expiration date on our infant car seat (and learned it expires this November), but a close, trustworthy friend has already offered to pass along hers, which will take us through this baby’s first year.

I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff I’m forgetting, but with both kids starting new schools in the next two weeks, it’s hard to think too far ahead right now.

What was on your to-do list when you were expecting?

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