Pretty Things That Are Fancy, French, and Fabulous!

Pretty Things That Are Fancy, French, and Fabulous!

I’ve been doing A LOT of fake-shopping online lately. In case you aren’t familiar with fake-shopping, it goes like this: You peruse the internet looking at fabulous items for sale, fill up your “cart” with all your heart’s desires, and then promptly close the internet connection, having never spent a single dime. It’s one of the ways I have been able to fulfill my shopping desires while raising a family of four on a single income.

The reason behind all the recent fake-shopping is that we are having family portraits taken next month. A good family friend of ours, and an amazing wedding photographer, is looking to expand her business and wants to use us to build her portfolio. I am obsessing about what to dress my two girls in. I want them to look timeless, but not boring. I also don’t want anything they wear to obviously be of a certain brand.

A few days ago I was doing some fake-shopping for our upcoming photo shoot when I came across this line of clothing: Eliane et Lena

Pretty Things That Are Fancy, French, and Fabulous!My heart skipped a beat; It was everything I was looking for. Eliane et Lena is a French clothing line known for its whimsical touches, quality crafted garments, and European style. These are my favorite picks from the Summer 2011 collection. I love that the lines are clean, yet there are still unique touches. There is also something very sporty about the line, but it hasn’t lost any femininity. Elaine et Lena is also undeniably European, but it isn’t too funky for my simplistic taste. It’s perfect!

In case you needed just one more reason to fall in love with this line, they have women’s wear too! 

Pretty Things That Are Fancy, French, and Fabulous!What can I say? I’m going to have to bite the bullet, fill up my cart, and go all the way- to the checkout.

For more information on the Eliane et Lena Summer 2011 Collection for women and girls, visit their website at:



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