Product Accessory Review: BubCap

I don’t have a problem with my kids playing with my iPhone; I usually use it as a last resort while out shopping or out to dinner. But the one thing that has me fighting my toddler is the home button. I’ll look at my happy child only to find that he is no longer playing his matching (sounds to animals) game and is navigating through my phone book, emails and pictures (sometimes even attempting to delete my apps). I usually freak at the thought of him deleting emails and calling China and then grab my phone… he freaks cause he has no idea why one second we were both happy and the next? I’m grabbing the phone from his tiny little (kung-fu grip) hands.

I came across the BubCap and had to try it.

What is a BubCap?

BubCap home button covers are just rigid enough to deter toddlers from pressing the home button, yet they are flexible enough that adults can activate the home button with a firm press. It’s a similar concept to many child-proof caps for medicine bottles.

Will my toddler benefit from using BubCaps?

Whether your toddler has never seen a home button before, or they just love to press it for fun, BubCaps are the best way to share an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with toddlers who have not yet learned proper use of the home button.

Which BubCap should I order?

We highly recommend starting with our Intro-Pack, which includes two BubCap and two BubCap Ultra home button covers.

BubCap is our less rigid model, which is great for most toddlers, particularly toddlers using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch for the first time.

BubCap Ultra is more difficult to press through, and is better suited to stronger toddlers or youngsters who have a stubborn desire to press the home button. It is also preferred more often on the iPad (due to the iPad’s shallower home button activation depth).

You and your child can experiment with both models to figure out what works best for your family. Within a short time, your child should begin to realize apps are much more entertaining than pressing the home button over and over.

Do I remove the BubCap when my toddler isn’t using the device?

We recommend keeping your home button cover on permanently. It may take a little getting accustomed to, but if you regularly share your devices with your toddler, the benefit of having 24-hour protection on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is well worth it. You may decide you prefer to remove the BubCap when you know your child won’t be using your device for awhile, particularly for those who find it too difficult to activate the home button with the BubCap attached. Please keep in mind, the less often you remove and reapply a BubCap, the longer it will last.

Anything else I should know before ordering?

1) BubCaps may not work with all skins and cases, or may require skin or case removal to install and remove.

2) While many people report good outcomes using a BubCap over a screen protector, the results can be unpredictable; do so at your own risk.

Read the instructions and follow them! I made the mistake of not doing this and quickly found that my BubCap wasn’t properly installed. Basically I didn’t let it sit (untouched) for at least 15 minutes. In reality, and because I have a Hulk for a child, I should (and eventually did) let it set and properly adhere overnight– as the adhesive bond increases the longer you let it sit.
Another thing to consider is that you cannot use a protective screen cover with a BubCap. I had a second screen cover so I decided to try using a BubCap with my current screen cover (the protective screen cover that was already installed on my iPhone) to see what would happen. Again, they suggest you do not do this but I wanted to try it because I also have the fear of my son dropping or throwing my iPhone and cracking the screen. It did work but it did cause bubbles between the screen cover and the iPhone. Pick your battles…

My iPhone has a protective case that covers the sides and back so the BubCap did not interfere with my case.

I first tried the regular BubCap but my 16-month-old eventually figured it out. At that point I removed the regular BubCap and installed the BubCap Ultra. He has yet to be able to push the home button with the Ultra in place; BUT the Ultra does take some getting used to on the parents side. (I’d rather leave mine in place and get used to it than remember to carry it around).

My next suggestion to BubCap? Make a power button cover! Since diverting my toddler from using the home button, he has since figured out how to power my iPhone off with the top button. Although, I’ll take that over him emailing jibberish to a business contact and calling long distance… he is one smart cookie.

I can see this being a key accessory to have for an iTouch and iPad as I see more kids (yes, even toddlers) using those devices over iPhones. But because we don’t own an iPad or iTouch, we feel it to be even more important to have one to protect our valuable data while letting our son play with his educational and musical apps on our iPhones. And at $5.00 for a pack, why wouldn’t you?

Buy the BubCap HERE.