Product Review: Belly Armor Belly Blanket

Belly Armor provides expecting mothers with products to shield their unborn baby from everyday radiation.
As an expectant mother, instinctually, you worry how your actions and environment may impact your child within. There are risks you just won’t take.
Research is increasingly showing that everyday radiation may be harmful for children, even in the womb – but you can take simple precautions. Belly Armor’s mission is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to give your child the best protection, right from the start.


Radiation is simply energy traveling through space.  There are two basic types of radiation:

Lower energy radiation that we are exposed to in our everyday lives.  Non-ionizing radiation includes radio waves, microwaves, infrared, and ultraviolet.  It surrounds us in everyday life from various sources including cell phones, PDAs, laptops / computers, mp3 players / portable media devices, televisions, and power lines to name a few.

High-energy radiation includes x-rays and gamma rays.  This type of radiation can be very dangerous even in small doses; but, luckily, is less prevalent in everyday life.  Belly Armor products do not shield against this type of radiation.

I asked a few pregnant, new and experienced moms a few questions about radiation concerns during pregnancy and this is what they said:

1. While pregnant, did non-ionizing radiation (cell phones, laptops, mobile devices, mp3 players, TVs, etc.) or ionizing radiation (x-rays and gamma rays) concern you?

The only mild concern I had was putting my laptop actually on my lap while pregnant.  My main concern was the heat it generated, but there was also the fear of an “unknown” factor sitting right atop the child in my belly.  I had no concerns about using my cell phone or my television. -Laura

A little bit, I was always cognicent to not put my cell phone near my stomach while in the car and I tried to keep my laptop off of it. -Jennifer

2. Did you take any precautions to lessen your exposure to radiation while pregnant?

No I didn’t take any precautions. Although, I didn’t stand next to the microwave. For some reason, that was always weird to me. -Nicole

3. Are you/were you concerned about radiation posing health risks to your unborn baby?

Yes, in certain situations. -Susie

A little but not tremendously…now I figure the other two turned out okay…and hopefully this one will too. -Christine

Yes. -Jennifer

4. With the levels of radiation increasing (with the increase of non-ionizing radiation devices) do you believe there is a cause for concern for future generations?

Yes, always. There’s always an increase. I mean did two generations ago ever hear of cancer? Now it’s like two degrees of separation that you know someone that has been affected by it. It really is sad how unavoidable it is — unless of course you live in a bubble and even then, your bubble may be made of BPA plastic, therefore negating the whole bubble thing! -Christine

Yes. -Susie

Of course…I think our kids have a lot more risks than we did. -Jennifer

5. Would you purchase a product to help reduce radiation to your unborn baby?

Not sure I would go that far but if I read a little more research, I just might be convinced! -Christine

Not at this point, but I suppose I would have to know more about the specific radiation concerns and about the product. -Laura

Yes. -Susie

Sure. But I probably have a pricing threshold. -Jennifer

I also put the Belly Armor Belly Blanket to the test, well; I’m not pregnant so Christine (another Baby Gizmo Editor) put it to the test. This is what Christine had to say after testing the Belly Blanket.

1) I love multi-functional products so the fact that I can stay warm (which I’m always cold) and not get some belly radiation is a HUGE plus!
2) It’s not bulky so it travels well (bringing it on my trip this weekend) so no excuses on why you can’t cover up
3) I think that even after the baby is born it’s still a good product for every Mom to have. With all the cancer scares these days — who knows what’s causing it and better safe than sorry on the radiation from laptops that could be causing stomach or ovarian cancers.
4) It has a pocket for something — I used for the TV remote (does that cause radiation too?)

Personally, I would have loved to have this blanket while pregnant. I was on bed rest with my first two and spent hours (and hours and hours) on my laptop. My laptop was either perched on my big ol’ belly or on a tray close by. Looking back, and knowing just how much I was attached to my wireless laptop, it freaks me out a little. It’s not like I was at a desk for a few hours a day- I was bored, confined to a bed and my laptop became an extension of my own body. Then I started thinking about my trips to the dentist, my cell phone, and all the other factors that exposed me (and my unborn baby) to radiation. I’m usually the laid-back type but with all the exposure from the bed rest alone? Just a tad freaky. I mean, I was doing everything else to protect my growing child but that was one thing that never really crossed my mind. If I were to get pregnant again, I’d probably get the blanket because of its multi-purpose uses and ease (as Christine mentioned above).

What do you think?

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