Product Review: Bubber … It Never Dries Out

Product Review: Bubber ... It Never Dries Out

I’m usually a DIY kind of mama – I make my own laundry soap and kid’s playdough. It’s fun for me and in most cases, cheaper than store bought options. Plus, I like knowing the ingredients. Especially when it’s something coming into contact with my kids.

So, you can imagine my alarm when my sister purchased $13 “playdough” as a gift for my daughter. Unheard of! Preposterous!

And then we opened it. And fell in love. Because this isn’t like any other mold-able stuff I’ve experienced. It’s Bubber!

bubber 1Here’s why we love it …

  • Never dries out – we’ve been playing with the same bucket of Bubber for 5 months and it’s still like new
  • Doesn’t stain
  • Naturally anti-microbial
  • Gluten, wheat and casein free
  • Easy to clean up
  • No yucky playdough feel on your hands
  • Lightweight, imagine a marshmallow
  • 6 awesome colors
  • Designed for fine motor skill, sensory, cognitive and problem solving development

bubber 2

I’ve always loved various doughs for the imagination options, but equally hated them for the mess. Bubber is the perfect medium for boosting creativity without all the yuck. I highly recommend investing in this revolutionary modeling compound – it’s amazing!



    • I’m not 100% – it doesn’t have an ingredient list. It just says that there is no moisture in it so there is nothing to dry out.


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