Product Review: ELC Lift Off Rocket




If you have a child that’s into rocket ships and astronauts like my four and two year old, then they’re going to love the ELC Lift Off Rocket. We’ve actually owned it for almost a year now, but I just noticed it was on sale on Amazon for $39.99 (usually it retails for $59.99) so I had to let you know!

113398_6compThe rocket ship is 13 inches tall and weighs about 4lbs. So at 18 months, my son was dragging it around but 3.5 year old daughter was carrying it. It’s easy to transport with the carry handle on the right side. It comes with two astronauts, a moon buggy, a green alien, a dog and a crater.

There are three compartments with doors that open, shut, and, I must add, fall off when pushed hard, but they’re very easy to put back on- they don’t snap off, thankfully. I love that, because you know toddlers like to open and shut a little too hard sometimes, or put something large in and try to force the door to close. But ELC obviously knew this, because they made it easy to fix, no matter how many times a child does it. So the doors are still working!

Two AA are included, and on the side of the rocket ship is a button that when you press while it’s standing, says “5…4…3…2…1… blast off!” and when you carry it and press the button, it makes the sound of a rocket ship.

Kids really love this toy. As a younger toddler, my son was more interested in just the open and shut side of it, and putting the astronauts inside. But now, both kids use it to play space adventures. There’s a fold away bed inside one compartment and a picture of a kitchen, so they pretend the astronauts are cooking or sleeping, and then driving the car around space, taking the dog on an adventure and meeting an alien.

It’s an imaginative, sturdy toy that can easily be carried to the grandparents’ house. An overall win in their book and ours!

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