Product Review: Hape Wood Cash Register


This Hape Wood Cash Registerhas recently proved to be a hit with my three year old and her current love of being a shop keeper/customer. It comes with its own money, handheld bar code scanner, card reader, and credit card. Don’t you just love toys with no batteries and no noise?! Get those creative juices flowing kids and make your own sounds!

There is a small clip to hold pieces of paper, which we pretend are receipts. So my daughter is now asking me if I want my receipt in the bag 😀 There is a ten bead abacus on the top which helps keep track of how many items you’re buying (incase you hadn’t guessed, we play this game a lot).


81Kf-ATpI6L._SL1500_It’s an excellent way of teaching numbers, counting and money to toddlers and preschoolers. Not to mention entering your PIN- yes, we do that too!

There is one problem with this toy- the paper money gets stuck in the drawer. A lot. Having read other reviews of it, I notice parents are complaining of the same thing. The drawer is not removable at all, and when paper gets stuck behind it, it’s frustrating. We managed to take them out by turning it upside down, shaking it, closing the drawer, then flipping it back over, opening it and removing them. This could be one of the reasons the register is being sold for $24.41 on Amazon at the moment (usually $34.99).

This is not an issue for my daughter because she prefers to play with the coins, but I can understand that it would be a deal breaker for some, so Hape needs to work on a new design to perfect this fun and educational toy.

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