Product Review: Lego Junior House Suitcase

91je2ZkymwL._SL1500_My daughter was recently gifted this Lego Juniors House Suitcase, which is aimed at children 4-8 years old. She loves pretty much anything pink, and enjoys building with blocks and the larger Legos, so when she saw this, she was completely thrilled! The set comes in a pink plastic suitcase the size of a laptop, so it’s easily transportable, and there are dividers inside so you can put the pieces in any order you prefer.

And you most likely will need to because this comes with tiny pieces- I mean, some of them are a quarter of the size of my thumbnail! Having a toddler around this concerns me, so we are extra careful when the set comes out to play. Also, the small pieces are tricky for my daughter to fit- they are things like a tiny coffee mug, a the flowers on the stems, and doorknobs. She is turning four in three months, so with time, I know she’ll get the hang of it.


There are many pieces to the set, but the main ones are a square green flat “garden” piece, two red chairs, two ladies, a pink umbrella, a blue bicycle, a cat, a tree, a basket, white picket fences, and different sized blocks. These little Legos keep her quite busy as she arranges, and rearranges the ladies who are having coffee one minute and then enjoying gardening the next. There’s a door and window that open and close, so they can pretend they’re going in and out.

All in all, it’s a great little set for your little Lego fan, and priced at a reasonable $24.99. Just be careful not to step on those small pieces!

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