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Product Review: Mini Micro Kick Scooter

This past Christmas my husband and I bought scooters for our twin boys, who turned 2 1/2 in December. While researching toddler-friendly options, it quickly became clear to me that the Mini Micro Kick Scooter, made by Kickboard USA, was legendary. Let’s see: It has won the Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio Gold and Platinum Award Seals for Best Toy, the Parent’s Choice Approved Seal, and the Best of Show Award at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2012, among other awards. It was also named Best Preschool Scooter by Toy Report and Best Outdoor Toy by Learning Express Stores, and was featured on the NBC Today Show as part of its Best Toys for Summer series.

Kickboard USA’s Mini Micro

Needless to say, we bought two Mini Micros. We couldn’t be happier with our purchase! At $79.99, the Mini is pricier than other scooters, but it is worth every penny. Our boys got the hang of their scooters right away and spend hours zipping around on them. And with a sturdy design, we know they will last a long time.

Boys scooters
My twins zipping around town on their Mini Micros

So, what makes the Mini Micro so wonderful and unique? It has a ton of wonderful features:

  • The Mini’s three wheels (two in front and one in back) and low-to-the-ground deck make it very stable and easy to ride for young children.
  • Its unique learn-to-steer mechanism allows kids to direct the Mini by shifting their body weight left or right. This helps them learn balance and coordination. I was very surprised at how quickly my boys learned to steer their scooters!
  • The Mini’s steering bar is fixed at 24 inches above the deck, making it a perfect height for kids under 5.
  • The one-of-a-kind wheels are non-marking, meaning kids can ride the Mini inside on bad-weather days.
  • The Mini’s light weight—only about 4 pounds—makes it easy for little kids to maneuver, pick up, and carry.
  • The Mini’s modular construction means that all parts are replaceable. So, once a child outgrows it, the Mini can be redesigned with new handle bar grips, a different-colored deck and wheels, etc., and passed on to a younger sibling or friend.
  • While a rear brake offers additional security, the Mini’s upright design and soft edges make it easy for small children to hop on and off.

What’s also great is that the scooter comes almost fully assembled. All you need to do is snap the T-Bar into the deck and the Mini Micro is ready to go!

The Mini Micro Scooter is designed for kids up to 44 pounds. It comes in aqua, yellow, green, blue, orange, pink, purple, and red. Click HERE to purchase one.

Be sure to have your child wear a helmet and knee pads when riding a scooter!

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