Product Review: Myself Belts

Product Review: Myself Belts

I have had the hardest time finding clothes that fit my 3-year-old’s itty bitty waist. He is (and always has been) a little peanut. I search everywhere I go for adjustable waist pants but, let’s face it, there’s not a huge selection of them and sometimes, I just want the cute plaid pants… the ones without the adjustable waist- of course. No child of mine is going to be sworn to a life of sweatpants and be made a fashion victim because of his waist size. No way. No how. No sir.

He’s tall and skinny so, usually, a size 3T fits him lengthwise but is far too big in the waist. A size 2T almost always fits him in the waist but then he looks like he’s waiting for a flood.

Case in point (size 3T Baby Gap jeans with no adjustable waist):

Product Review: Myself Belts

I gave up on my quest to find a wardrobe full of adjustable waist pants and began searching for belts.

I found some ribbonesque belts but knew I could make them myself- buy a ribbon at the store, knot it around his waist. What a pain! Not to mention totally impractical. Scratch that idea.

I found some belts that match Daddy’s- leather, standard belt buckle. Super cute but not at all functional.

Then I found these:

Product Review: Myself Belts Myself Belts!

I was intrigued by the name- a belt he could do himself. After all, he is three and just like every other 3-year-old out there, he has to do everything all.on.his.own. For instance, he’s at the age where he’s learning to dress and undress himself.

The Myself Belt Company sent us one to try out.

Product Review: Myself Belts

Product Review: Myself Belts

I snapped the stay-put snap around the first loop on the front right side of his pants and slid the belt through the remaining loops- prior to helping my son get dressed. (In time, once he has mastered getting his pants on by himself, I plan to show/teach him how to do the belt with me or on his own).

He helped me secure the belt and voila! No more tripping over his pants (on the ground), no more hiking up the waist every 2 seconds… just more time to play and focus on anything but his pants.

Same kid, same pants, and now with a Myself Belt: Product Review: Myself Belts

Product Review: Myself Belts

To really put it to the test, we went to Legoland. My little tester ran all over the park and not once did he have to do “The Hike”. It was a new found freedom for him!

Product Review: Myself Belts

Another big test was during our potty breaks. I had to make sure he could take it on and off, all on his own, before he could wear it to preschool (where he frequently uses the potty without any help undressing or dressing). He had no problem using the belt after I showed him how to do it, twice. The thing that made me smile? He unfastened the belt and instinctively gave it a little tug. If that secured snap wasn’t there? He would have yanked the belt clear off and out of all the pant loops. I don’t know about your 3-year-old’s but my strong-willed son would have blown a gasket thinking he 1. did something wrong, 2. did something he didn’t want to do, 3. oh.the.frustration!! or 4. freaked out trying to put it back the way it was. Crisis adverted.

I do suggest you pay attention to the Sizing Chart. At first, I tested the size small. I read the chart (and the note about the belts running on the smaller side) and because my son is right on the edge of the size X-Small and Small, I sized up to a Small. It still fit him okay but once I got an X-Small, I could totally see the difference in the sizing.

Here he is, in the same pants, with a size Small Myself Belt (where you can see it will still fasten but the two Velcro pieces barely meet):

Product Review: Myself Belts

After talking to the owner, she gave me a great piece of advice- and one that’s easy to remember! When looking at the size chart, also consider your child’s pant size for the waist. So, in my case, my son’s waist size is a 2T which means the X-Small Myself Belt will (and does) fit him best.

I’ve already spread the word to some of my friends and I’m happy to be able to share this with all of you. I definitely give Myself Belts 5 stars and two thumbs up!

Use the code NY2011 for 10% off thru January 31st, 2010 at Myself Belts.

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  1. Oh wow! I am so excited to try this. Our daughter is tall and skinny too and we have the same problem! Her 3T pants fall right off 🙁
    Can’t wait to get ours!! Thanks!

  2. Check out Dapper Snappers…they are amazing! Same idea but they only go in the back so your toddler won’t even know they are there and one less step when diaper changing! We use mitten clips ($2 at Walmart) for pants without belt loops!

  3. I love the actual belt (the look of it) and so does my son! He says it’s his “big boy” belt 🙂
    I actually saved the Train belt for a gift when he is out of diapers… since he’s a train fanatic!!


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